Midweek Report (On Thursday!)

Coming from somewhere deep below the earth, it’s the midweek report. Here we are, it’s the bye week. Not much Titans news. It appears that Johnathan Cyprien and Corey Davis will be back after the bye. I do not think that the return of Davis will supercharge the offense, but I do think it will be greatly beneficial. I am just not getting my hopes up that it will completely turn things around. But you never know. In other Titans news Rishard Matthews has taken to twitter to complain. He appears upset over the receivers getting the bulk of the blame for the offensives issues. I do not blame him for being a little upset, however, putting it out on social media is the absolute worst thing to do. It creates unnecessary drama. He should just complain to the coaches in private. Anyway enough of that, here are ten things I think about the Titans and the world around us.

1. I think the lose of Tajae Sharpe has been more significant than most originally thought. He was a solid player last year, and this year the receivers have played below average, so I think having him would help.

2. I think after the bye week Derrick Henry becomes the Titans lead back, Murray has lost a step.

3. I think if the running game cannot get going after the bye then the Titans will miss the playoffs again.

4. I think it is nice to at least have the Titans in the playoff hunt right now. Over the last decade more often than not at this point most fans are discussing the draft.

5. I think there might be too much hype for Corey Davis right now considering that he is only a rookie, however, he will definitely elevate the offense.

6. I think the Dolphins may play better without Jay Cutler. Matt Moore is a great backup and better than Cutler most days.

7. I think the Steelers have to get rid of Martavis Bryant, that guy is crazy.

8. I think there is no way that Teddy Bridgewater comes back this season, but if he does it will be the story of the season. I hope he can make it.

9. I think The Office is overrated.

10. I think the government did JFK.

Titans v. Browns Recap

Wow, what a terrible game. This was one of the most lethargic offensive performances I have ever seen from a Marcus Mariota led offense. I am happy that the team won, but I am not too excited by how they won. Honestly, the Titans probably deserved to either lose this game or tie. Still, at least they remain in the hunt for the AFC South. A lose to Cleveland would have essentially ended their playoff aspirations. However, unless the team implements major changes during the bye, there is no doubt that they will miss the playoffs again this year.

Offensively the Titans were a disaster. There really is not much to be said other than nothing worked. The run game was abysmal, run blocking was awful, the passing game was horrible, and the receivers were bad. I guess maybe the pass protection was ok, and Taylor Lewan did well against Myles Garrett. Once again though the team had a case of the slows. The slow starts in first half are going to doom the team this year. Especially if they carry over to the second half like they did this week. Zero touchdowns against the Browns is brutal.

I would like to understand what happened to the redzone offense. The team was one of the best last year, and this year they have done a complete 180. The redzone play calling has been abysmal. It is strange how they never target Eric Decker there too. Throughout his career he has been one of the league’s better redzone targets, and they barley look at him there. The weird jet sweeps and shovel passes have been awful. They need to rip those plays out of the playbook and burn them. They cannot run in the redzone either. Losing Anthony Fasano probably has something to do with that. It has just been a dumpster fire and I am not sure the addition of Corey Davis will magically make everything better either.

Furthermore, I am not sure if the coaches realize it or not, but DeMarco Murray is hurt. He can barley run. It’s really hampering the offense; he does not need to be playing.

I do not want to cry too much more about the offense, I just hope that they get it together after the bye, because they are severely underachieving right now.

As for the defense, they were ok, they did let DeShone Kizer and Cody Kessler complete a lot of passes and the Browns did have a few decent drives. However, they prevented them from reaching the endzone, so I guess that is a success. The pass rush was nonexistent until Joe Thomas went out. If Thomas had stayed in the game then the pass rush would have done absolutely nothing. If the Titans cannot get to the qb more consistently then better teams will shred them.

I thought that the secondary once again played well, especially Kevin Byard. Without him, the Titans lose this game. Adoree’ Jackson had a few penalties but he played well, same for Logan Ryan. The Browns are a bad offense so the defense should have played well, and I thought for the most part they did. It will be interesting to see what they can do against better competition.

Overall this game was not a classic Titans disaster, but it almost was. Thankfully they were able to pull it out and go into the bye with a win. I am hopefully that this offensive performance was an anomaly and that the team will come out of the bye hot. If not, this team is destine for a classic 7-9 season.

Titans v. Browns Preview

Coming from somewhere deep underground, it’s the Titans v. Browns preview. Here we are, one week before the bye week, with a 500 record and the perfect opportunity to go into the bye with a winning record. The only thing that stands in that way is most likely the worst team in the NFL. Seems easy, have Marcus Mariota toss the ball around get up big and coast to the bye. It seems that Titans fans should have nothing to worry about. Anyone reading, stop, the Titans are going to win, there is nothing to be concerned about. Wrong! This game makes me nervous. I understand that the Browns are terrible, however, when have the Titans ever given us reasons not doubt them. Obviously the best example of the Titans collapsing against a bad team comes from the nightmare before Christmas last year. All they had to do was beat an awful Jaguars team that had just fired their coach, and they completely shit the bed. I understand that the Browns have yet to win a game and that they have nearly zero talent. However, desperate teams tend to do desperate things, which can catch the other team off guard. Additionally, this is the NFL in one of the most unpredictable seasons of all time. The Titans cannon get complacent, anything can happen, even losing to the Browns.

Offensively the Titans have got to come out fast. They have started slow all season, and if they do so again then the coaching staff really needs to reevaluate what they are doing at the start of games. I know this has become so repetitive with my post and with Titans fans, but I want to start the game out with Mariota spreading the Browns out and launching and aerial attack similar to what they did against the Colts. The Browns defense is not spectacular. They have some strong points, including Myles Garrett and former Titans Jason Mccourty. The Titans should have some success against them; really, if they cannot get the passing game going against the Browns then they have big problems. I would love to see the offense work on quick shots to Eric Decker, Rishard Matthews, and Taywan Taylor. I am loving what we are seeing out of Taylor and I hope they get him involved at the start of this game. With all of that said, I highly doubt that this is the way the Titans go. I believe that they want to ground the Browns out with Henry and Murray (if he is playing). The Browns have some talent on the d-line, but they should not have enough to cause too much disruption. Former Titans defensive coordinator and bounty gate ringleader, Gregg Williams is their coordinator, so I would expect their defense to least play hard. I can see Mularkey wanting to start the game off with heavyset runs. I believe that Henry and Murray should find space against this defense. Therefore, as an irrational fan I would like to see a high octane passing offense in this game, however, realistically I would guess that they would want to go conservative and slowly chip away at the Browns, similar to what they did against Jacksonville.

As for the Defense, I think they need to focus on stopping the Browns running with Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson. It appears that DeShone Kizer will be starting, but he will be without Corey Coleman and possibly even Kenny Britt, although Britt has been mostly worthless this year (are there any Titans fans surprised by that?). Kizer is not a bad rookie quarterback, however the team does not have an abundance of talent on offense. I think if the secondary shows up, especially Adoree’ Jackson and Logan Ryan then the Titans can lock the Browns receivers down. Hopefully this can be the week that the Titans d-line shows up and they can get after Keiser. If they can apply a consistent rush and force Keiser into uncomfortable situations then the defense should thrive.

Being a Titans fan for nearly twenty years I have learn to never take anything for granted. I have seen the team lose to inferior competition more times than I can count. I am hopeful that the Titans win, I understand that they should, however, I am not 100% convinced that they will go into Cleveland and walk all over the Browns like a lot of people think, but if the Titans lose, I will throw my TV out of the window, and burn my clothes while crying in the shower.

Midweek Report

Coming from somewhere deep within the cosmos, it’s the midweek report. It has been a good week so far. I am still feeling great after the much needed victory over the hated Colts. However, I hope the team does not get too cocky. I think the game this Sunday against the Cleveland Browns could be a classic trap game, but more on that later this week.

As for Titans news, it appears that our dad Marcus Mariota has been practicing and doing much better. There is a decent chance that he may be able to move a little more on Sunday, however, I would not expect him back to 100% until after the bye. Hamstrings can be problematic, and speaking of hamstrings, it appears that both Johnathan Cyprien and Corey Davis will be out again. I still think that Davis will be back the first week after the bye, but as for Cyprien, I am not sure. Also on the injury report is Derrick Morgan. He is day to day. It has been speculated that if he does not go, then Kevin Dodd will get the opportunity to take his place. Maybe Dodd will finally show up, but who knows. That is about it for the news. Here is what’s hot and what’s not hot with the Titans, the NFL, and the world. (These priceless thoughts are presented by no one, currently looking for sponsorship!)


  1. Taylor Lewan-he has been an all pro this season, and is becoming one of the team’s most important leaders. Mularkey needs to sew that C back to his jersey. HOT!
  2. Adoree’ Jackson-after getting killed by DeAndre Hopkins during the Houston game, Jackson has bounced back with a fury. He has been playing cornerback at a high level, and appears to be one of the best returners in the league. HOT!
  3. The Philadelphia Eagles-not many people thought that they would win the NFC East, in fact the Cowboys were the favorites followed by the Giants, however Carson Wentz has played lights out and has taken this team to a 5-1 record making them the new favorites to take the division. HOT!
  4. Recent quarterbacks passed over by the Browns. Deshaun Watson, Carson Wentz, Dak Prescott, and Mitchell Trubisky, have all looked great this year. I am still not sure why the Browns chose not to draft Watson; it would have really helped the Titans out. Thanks a lot! What fools! Young qbs passed over by the factory of sadness, HOT!
  5. Hansel, duh.


  1. Sylvester Williams-the Titans gave this guy a three years contract with seven million dollars guaranteed to be the team’s starting nose tackle. He was inactive last week and has done nothing this season. What a disaster, NOT HOT!
  2. Hamstrings- the Titans have had non-stop hamstring problems this year. Their hamstrings are not working this year, and I am sick of it. NOT HOT!
  3. The Atlanta Falcons-they appear to be having a post Super Bowl slump. Their offense has taken a huge step back, and Matt Ryan has looked awful. NOT HOT!
  4. Officiating in the NFL- the officiating this year has been atrocious. The Jets touchdown fumble call was ghastly, and of course all of the phantom penalties that have been called on the Titans this year have been awful. The arbitrary and capricious NFL rulebook makes things difficult; however there have been way too many flags and bad calls. What a train wreck, NOT HOT!
  5. Injuries in the NFL-too many superstars are out for the year. It has been a rough year for the league. I hate seeing so many great players hurt, NOT HOT!

Colts v. Titans Game Recap

The Titans have finally exorcised the demands and defeated their arch nemesis the Colts! Even though the Colts best player, Andrew Luck was out with an injury, the victory still feels great. It was like getting a King Kong sized money off our back. Obviously none of it would have happened if not for the return of our hero, Marcus Mariota. He played though a tough injury and willed the Titans to victory. It was shades of vintage Steve McNair. As a whole though the Titans had some ups and downs, but overall looked much improved since the Houston debacle.

It took a little while for the passing offense to get going, and early on it appeared that Mariota was severely limited by the injury, but when he got into a rhythm, he was lethal. I am sort of hoping they start limiting Mariota’s runs and allow him to sling the ball all over the place. However, it could be argued that Mariota’s legs could have given the team a few more touchdowns as opposed to field goals during the game. Eric Decker showed up for the first time all season and played well, and of course Taywan Taylor looked great. I am really exited for him. I hope that they try to work him in a little more every week. Rishard Mathews played good, and even though Delanie Walker did not have a huge game, he presence on the field made a significant factor. As for the pass blocking, I thought the line was exceptional, even with the Colts launching numerous late hits against Mariota. Taylor Lewan especially played out of his mind, and has sort of become one of the more important leaders of the team. His vocal outburst and quirky personality have become positives for the team, as opposed to earlier in his career when he was constantly flagged in games and had a questionable attitude.

I thought that the run game was sold, but not as dominant as I would hope it would be against a suspect Colts defense. For instance, if not for Derrick Henry’s long score at the end of the game bot running back would have had less than sixty yards each. However, I thought that the coaches did a great job rotating the two running backs. Henry is flashier right now, and DeMarcoMurray has lost a step, but he is still the better pass blocker and receiver. Thus, both players need to be involved, and they were in this game, even being on the field at the same time. Therefore, I have to give the coaches credit they did a fine job. Additionally, Jalston Fowler is an absolute beast. I love watching him annihilate some linebackers.

The only thing to really complain about with the offense is the exotic plays, which were largely trash. The wildcat and the Walker toss in the redzone were abhorrent. I understand that the Walker play set up the later touchdown run from Murray, but they should not have to do that. They are a smash mouth team, they should just line up and crush the opponent, and not have to rely on insane trick plays that Jon Gruden mocks on the broadcast. The exotic plays do not work; throw them out of the playbook.

The defense had its fair share of issues during the game, and I was ready to start Fire Dick Lebeau.com, but they made the right adjustments and completely stopped the Colts in the second half.

I think with the exception of Jurrell Casey the d-line has some issues. He was the only one that could get any pressure. Daquan Jones does not do much, and Karl Klug may be declining. As for Austin Johnson, they played him at nose tackle instead of Sly Williams, who has been a huge disappointment, and he still did not do much. Kevin Dodd is still out too. There is just a lot of underachievement on the d-line. They should have shredded the Colts pathetic offensive line.

The linebackers played great. Wesley Woodyard may be the team’s defensive MVP for the season. He has played lights-out. Jayon Brown found a way to stop Titans killer Jack Doyle. Brian Orakpo, Derrick Morgan, and Erik Walden had solid games coming off of the edge. Although I miss Aaron Wallace, I hope he is able to come back later on this season.

After a horrendous start, the secondary got it together by the second half. They even limited TY Hilton to one catch. Unbelievable. That is the best the Titans have ever done against Hilton. Logan Ryan has been great this year. They really should put him on the opposing teams number one receiver more often.

Overall the team still has a lot of work. The defense as to stop with getting off to the slow starts, and the offense needs to recapture its redzone magic from last years. Still, things are looking up again. The Titans beat a terrible Colts team, but it was still a division win against a team that the Titans had not beaten in five years. They should celebrate, but not too much.

Colts v. Titans Preview

Coming from somewhere across the universe, it’s the Colts v. Titans primetime preview.

Are you ready for some football! It’s going to be a Monday night Party! It’s week six and the Titans host their first Monday night game since the epic Berger bowl of 2014. Then the Titans were lead by Zach Mettenberger and Bishop Sankey. Those were dark times. But we have a new hope, and that is Marcus Mariota. There have been rumors that he will play tomorrow night. So there is a chance that the Titans can create some prime time magic.

Regardless of whether or not Mariota plays, I think a major key to the offense is getting Derrick Henry going, it seems to me that DeMarco Murray may still be hurt or unfortunately losing a step, plus Henry has for the most part looked better this season. I think if they can get Henry into a rhythm it could be devastating to the Colts. Additionally, even if Mariota plays, it would be wise to lean on the running game as opposed to him. I hope that the coaches will limit Mariota’s running. Obviously if Cassel plays they should run the ball for the majority of the game.

Furthermore, the Colts defensive line is not great, so this could be the ideal game for the offensive line to get right again. I think that the Titans would look to get going on the ground and throw a lot to Delanie Walker. Additionally, I think they should find a way to get Taywan Taylor involved in the passing game. Those jet sweeps and hand off to him are awful. I want to see him stretch the field.

As for the defense they need to play tight. In the past the Titans have been shredded by back up qbs, hopefully tomorrow that won’t happen. Obviously a major key to the game is stopping TY Hilton. If they decide to put Brice McCain on him, then he might get 200 yards. They really need to have Hilton doubled. Besides from Hilton, the Colts wideouts are not amazing. Donte Moncrief is solid but he will not win a game for anyone. Thus, I would hope that at the very least the Titans will do everything they can to lockdown Hilton. If they can stop him and keep living fossil Frank Gore and Marlon Mack in check, then the Colts offense should not be too productive. However, the Titans do have a history of getting frayed by Jack Doyle. I expect Jayon Brown to cover Doyle. He has been substantially better than anyone else that the Titans have had covering tight ends since maybe Keith Bulluck. So hopefully he can keep him in check.

Overall, I believe that the defense can have a good game, but a lot of that is predicated on their ability to stop Hilton and of course they need to apply consistent pressure to Jacoby Brissett. So far this year the Titans defensive line and the pass rush have been middling. I am really hoping Monday night is when the pass rush comes alive. If they can get a Derrick Moran and Brian Orakpo going, then I think the Titans should do fairly well.

As a Titans fan I have suffered immensely due to the Colts. They are one of my most hated team. They would consistently destroy the Titans when they had Peyton Manning, and then when they finally got bad they ended up with another once in a generation qb. It has been five years since the Titans have beaten them, and during this time the Colts have not even been that good. This has to be it. Tomorrow night in front of the entire country the Titans have to exercise their Colts demons and finally beat this fucking team. If we lose this game the season is very much in jeopardy of spiraling out of control. I am calling this a must win. The Titans have to go out and beat the Cots or the season is lost. It is as simple as that. Fuck the Colts.

Midweek Report

Coming from somewhere deep below the earth it’s the midweek report proudly presented by on one in particular.

It’s Wednesday and there is some Titans injury news. We know that Cyprien has officially been ruled out for Monday nigh, and Davis appears highly unlikely to play. Lewan looks probable, and here is some hope for Mariota, so keep those fingers crossed. Anyway, here are ten random thoughts that I think may be true about the NFL and the world around us.

  1. I think that once Corey Davis comes back he will be a major spark for the offense. I am thinking Kenny Britt during the first two games of the 2011 season before the ACL.


  1. I think the Titans offensive line has a bounce back game and looks forceful against the Colts.


  1. I think Jacoby Brissett has a strong game and based on the way he has play thus far, he could have a few quarterback needy teams calling the Colts in the offseason.


  1. I think against the Colts the Titans make a determined effort to get King Henry involved early and it pays off with a strong game by the young running back.


  1. I think the Titans should sign Colin Kaepernick, I believe that the team greatly needs a solid backup and he is by far the best available.


  1. I think the Titans also need to get a pass rusher in the offseason, maybe even one in the top two rounds of the draft.


  1. I think there is a possibility that J.J. Watt never returns to his previous self. Even before the latest injury he was not has dominate as he had been in the past.


  1. I think the Star Wars trailer was the worst. trailer. ever. I have only watched it 23 times since it was released.


  1. I think Bush did 911!


  1. I think that I might totally lose my fucking mind if the Titans fail to beat the Colts again this year!

Titans v. Dolphins Thoughts

Hello Titans fans and people lost in the depths of the Internet. I am proud to present my first Titans rant. This will cover the unfortunate game of last Sunday, which has to be one of the sloppiest games we’ve seen since the days of Whisenhunt. The offense was bad, the defense had a few moments, and the special team wasn’t great minus our incredible punter.

Thoughts on the game:

Classic qb duel, Cutler v. Cassel what else could a fan want, sadly anything. This was a rough one. However, it should be noted that Cassel appeared much better than his Rusty Smith esque performance of last week. Which is still bad.

I honestly thought that Cassel had a chance to play well against the Dolphins’ hellacious pass defense, but I was mistaken. I thought he threw a lot of ducks, and cringed when he missed Mathews on that deep shot. I understand that Cassel is a vet and most likely has a lot of football knowledge, way more than me, but I just do not understand why he’s the back up. I know that there isn’t a group of world beater qbs just sitting around waiting for a call, but there has to be a few who could at least look competent. Personally, I believe that there is someone who could look decent and run our offense with the RPOS that we do fairly well, but I won’t get into that. That’s a rant for another day, maybe later this week.

Anyway, I should stop hammering Cassel so much he wasn’t the reason that we lost. He played well enough to win, and he pass to Walker was great. Speaking of Walker, he may have been the lone bright spot for the offense. Everyone else had suspect games.

Our run game was abysmal. Both Murray and Henry struggled, as did the offensive line. Obviously Lewan’s injury did not help matters, but Jones and Kline played particularly bad. Our dynamic run game from last year has yet to consistently show up this year, and that’s concerning to me. What we saw on Sunday is exotic smashmouth without the smashmouth, two yards up the middle followed by a weird trick play with Taylor that loses three yards. Still, it’s hard to judge the offense too much without Mariota.

As for the defense, they looked much better, however we could have put toddlers on the field and they would have performed better than the defense did last week. The secondary did appear a billions times better. Adoree had a nice bounce back game. I am super exited about him. Byard also looked good. I am a little troubled by the front seven though, practically the pass rush or lack of one. Morgan is solid, but Orakpo has at times been like a ghost. Additionally, where has the d-line been? Casey has been ok, but everyone else has been quite questionable. Jones is average, Klug has struggled, and Sly Williams has not looked like a sly signing. Jokes! Also Johnson has been highly mediocre. Everyone likes to trash Dodd, but Johnson has been nearly as bad. It seems that not even J-Rob can cure the Titans second round curse. But really there isn’t much to say about the defense. They looked good against the dumpster fire formally known as the Dolphins’ offense; they definitely did not cause us to lose. The real issues of the game came from the offense and of course the referees.

Walker’s touchdown getting called back is one of the most egregious calls I have ever seen, until I remember the last time that the referees did this to us, it was twice in the Seattle game, and then before I knew it they did it again on the “fumble” call. Seriously I feel like every week there is an awful game changing call that goes against the Titans. I do not understand why this happens so often to us. Is it because we are the Titans? It’s so frustrating. It’s beyond ridiculous and it’s unacceptable. As a whole though league has gotten totally out of control with the constant barrage of flags being pelted on to the field after every other play. It’s destroying the game.

This was a strange game. I honestly did not expect much without Mariota and the team delivered. Still there is hope for us, but it’s all based on when our lord and savior returns. Get well soon Marcus! We need you!