Titans v. Dolphins Thoughts

Hello Titans fans and people lost in the depths of the Internet. I am proud to present my first Titans rant. This will cover the unfortunate game of last Sunday, which has to be one of the sloppiest games we’ve seen since the days of Whisenhunt. The offense was bad, the defense had a few moments, and the special team wasn’t great minus our incredible punter.

Thoughts on the game:

Classic qb duel, Cutler v. Cassel what else could a fan want, sadly anything. This was a rough one. However, it should be noted that Cassel appeared much better than his Rusty Smith esque performance of last week. Which is still bad.

I honestly thought that Cassel had a chance to play well against the Dolphins’ hellacious pass defense, but I was mistaken. I thought he threw a lot of ducks, and cringed when he missed Mathews on that deep shot. I understand that Cassel is a vet and most likely has a lot of football knowledge, way more than me, but I just do not understand why he’s the back up. I know that there isn’t a group of world beater qbs just sitting around waiting for a call, but there has to be a few who could at least look competent. Personally, I believe that there is someone who could look decent and run our offense with the RPOS that we do fairly well, but I won’t get into that. That’s a rant for another day, maybe later this week.

Anyway, I should stop hammering Cassel so much he wasn’t the reason that we lost. He played well enough to win, and he pass to Walker was great. Speaking of Walker, he may have been the lone bright spot for the offense. Everyone else had suspect games.

Our run game was abysmal. Both Murray and Henry struggled, as did the offensive line. Obviously Lewan’s injury did not help matters, but Jones and Kline played particularly bad. Our dynamic run game from last year has yet to consistently show up this year, and that’s concerning to me. What we saw on Sunday is exotic smashmouth without the smashmouth, two yards up the middle followed by a weird trick play with Taylor that loses three yards. Still, it’s hard to judge the offense too much without Mariota.

As for the defense, they looked much better, however we could have put toddlers on the field and they would have performed better than the defense did last week. The secondary did appear a billions times better. Adoree had a nice bounce back game. I am super exited about him. Byard also looked good. I am a little troubled by the front seven though, practically the pass rush or lack of one. Morgan is solid, but Orakpo has at times been like a ghost. Additionally, where has the d-line been? Casey has been ok, but everyone else has been quite questionable. Jones is average, Klug has struggled, and Sly Williams has not looked like a sly signing. Jokes! Also Johnson has been highly mediocre. Everyone likes to trash Dodd, but Johnson has been nearly as bad. It seems that not even J-Rob can cure the Titans second round curse. But really there isn’t much to say about the defense. They looked good against the dumpster fire formally known as the Dolphins’ offense; they definitely did not cause us to lose. The real issues of the game came from the offense and of course the referees.

Walker’s touchdown getting called back is one of the most egregious calls I have ever seen, until I remember the last time that the referees did this to us, it was twice in the Seattle game, and then before I knew it they did it again on the “fumble” call. Seriously I feel like every week there is an awful game changing call that goes against the Titans. I do not understand why this happens so often to us. Is it because we are the Titans? It’s so frustrating. It’s beyond ridiculous and it’s unacceptable. As a whole though league has gotten totally out of control with the constant barrage of flags being pelted on to the field after every other play. It’s destroying the game.

This was a strange game. I honestly did not expect much without Mariota and the team delivered. Still there is hope for us, but it’s all based on when our lord and savior returns. Get well soon Marcus! We need you!

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