Colts v. Titans Preview

Coming from somewhere across the universe, it’s the Colts v. Titans primetime preview.

Are you ready for some football! It’s going to be a Monday night Party! It’s week six and the Titans host their first Monday night game since the epic Berger bowl of 2014. Then the Titans were lead by Zach Mettenberger and Bishop Sankey. Those were dark times. But we have a new hope, and that is Marcus Mariota. There have been rumors that he will play tomorrow night. So there is a chance that the Titans can create some prime time magic.

Regardless of whether or not Mariota plays, I think a major key to the offense is getting Derrick Henry going, it seems to me that DeMarco Murray may still be hurt or unfortunately losing a step, plus Henry has for the most part looked better this season. I think if they can get Henry into a rhythm it could be devastating to the Colts. Additionally, even if Mariota plays, it would be wise to lean on the running game as opposed to him. I hope that the coaches will limit Mariota’s running. Obviously if Cassel plays they should run the ball for the majority of the game.

Furthermore, the Colts defensive line is not great, so this could be the ideal game for the offensive line to get right again. I think that the Titans would look to get going on the ground and throw a lot to Delanie Walker. Additionally, I think they should find a way to get Taywan Taylor involved in the passing game. Those jet sweeps and hand off to him are awful. I want to see him stretch the field.

As for the defense they need to play tight. In the past the Titans have been shredded by back up qbs, hopefully tomorrow that won’t happen. Obviously a major key to the game is stopping TY Hilton. If they decide to put Brice McCain on him, then he might get 200 yards. They really need to have Hilton doubled. Besides from Hilton, the Colts wideouts are not amazing. Donte Moncrief is solid but he will not win a game for anyone. Thus, I would hope that at the very least the Titans will do everything they can to lockdown Hilton. If they can stop him and keep living fossil Frank Gore and Marlon Mack in check, then the Colts offense should not be too productive. However, the Titans do have a history of getting frayed by Jack Doyle. I expect Jayon Brown to cover Doyle. He has been substantially better than anyone else that the Titans have had covering tight ends since maybe Keith Bulluck. So hopefully he can keep him in check.

Overall, I believe that the defense can have a good game, but a lot of that is predicated on their ability to stop Hilton and of course they need to apply consistent pressure to Jacoby Brissett. So far this year the Titans defensive line and the pass rush have been middling. I am really hoping Monday night is when the pass rush comes alive. If they can get a Derrick Moran and Brian Orakpo going, then I think the Titans should do fairly well.

As a Titans fan I have suffered immensely due to the Colts. They are one of my most hated team. They would consistently destroy the Titans when they had Peyton Manning, and then when they finally got bad they ended up with another once in a generation qb. It has been five years since the Titans have beaten them, and during this time the Colts have not even been that good. This has to be it. Tomorrow night in front of the entire country the Titans have to exercise their Colts demons and finally beat this fucking team. If we lose this game the season is very much in jeopardy of spiraling out of control. I am calling this a must win. The Titans have to go out and beat the Cots or the season is lost. It is as simple as that. Fuck the Colts.

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