Midweek Report

Coming from somewhere deep within the cosmos, it’s the midweek report. It has been a good week so far. I am still feeling great after the much needed victory over the hated Colts. However, I hope the team does not get too cocky. I think the game this Sunday against the Cleveland Browns could be a classic trap game, but more on that later this week.

As for Titans news, it appears that our dad Marcus Mariota has been practicing and doing much better. There is a decent chance that he may be able to move a little more on Sunday, however, I would not expect him back to 100% until after the bye. Hamstrings can be problematic, and speaking of hamstrings, it appears that both Johnathan Cyprien and Corey Davis will be out again. I still think that Davis will be back the first week after the bye, but as for Cyprien, I am not sure. Also on the injury report is Derrick Morgan. He is day to day. It has been speculated that if he does not go, then Kevin Dodd will get the opportunity to take his place. Maybe Dodd will finally show up, but who knows. That is about it for the news. Here is what’s hot and what’s not hot with the Titans, the NFL, and the world. (These priceless thoughts are presented by no one, currently looking for sponsorship!)


  1. Taylor Lewan-he has been an all pro this season, and is becoming one of the team’s most important leaders. Mularkey needs to sew that C back to his jersey. HOT!
  2. Adoree’ Jackson-after getting killed by DeAndre Hopkins during the Houston game, Jackson has bounced back with a fury. He has been playing cornerback at a high level, and appears to be one of the best returners in the league. HOT!
  3. The Philadelphia Eagles-not many people thought that they would win the NFC East, in fact the Cowboys were the favorites followed by the Giants, however Carson Wentz has played lights out and has taken this team to a 5-1 record making them the new favorites to take the division. HOT!
  4. Recent quarterbacks passed over by the Browns. Deshaun Watson, Carson Wentz, Dak Prescott, and Mitchell Trubisky, have all looked great this year. I am still not sure why the Browns chose not to draft Watson; it would have really helped the Titans out. Thanks a lot! What fools! Young qbs passed over by the factory of sadness, HOT!
  5. Hansel, duh.


  1. Sylvester Williams-the Titans gave this guy a three years contract with seven million dollars guaranteed to be the team’s starting nose tackle. He was inactive last week and has done nothing this season. What a disaster, NOT HOT!
  2. Hamstrings- the Titans have had non-stop hamstring problems this year. Their hamstrings are not working this year, and I am sick of it. NOT HOT!
  3. The Atlanta Falcons-they appear to be having a post Super Bowl slump. Their offense has taken a huge step back, and Matt Ryan has looked awful. NOT HOT!
  4. Officiating in the NFL- the officiating this year has been atrocious. The Jets touchdown fumble call was ghastly, and of course all of the phantom penalties that have been called on the Titans this year have been awful. The arbitrary and capricious NFL rulebook makes things difficult; however there have been way too many flags and bad calls. What a train wreck, NOT HOT!
  5. Injuries in the NFL-too many superstars are out for the year. It has been a rough year for the league. I hate seeing so many great players hurt, NOT HOT!

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