Titans v. Browns Recap

Wow, what a terrible game. This was one of the most lethargic offensive performances I have ever seen from a Marcus Mariota led offense. I am happy that the team won, but I am not too excited by how they won. Honestly, the Titans probably deserved to either lose this game or tie. Still, at least they remain in the hunt for the AFC South. A lose to Cleveland would have essentially ended their playoff aspirations. However, unless the team implements major changes during the bye, there is no doubt that they will miss the playoffs again this year.

Offensively the Titans were a disaster. There really is not much to be said other than nothing worked. The run game was abysmal, run blocking was awful, the passing game was horrible, and the receivers were bad. I guess maybe the pass protection was ok, and Taylor Lewan did well against Myles Garrett. Once again though the team had a case of the slows. The slow starts in first half are going to doom the team this year. Especially if they carry over to the second half like they did this week. Zero touchdowns against the Browns is brutal.

I would like to understand what happened to the redzone offense. The team was one of the best last year, and this year they have done a complete 180. The redzone play calling has been abysmal. It is strange how they never target Eric Decker there too. Throughout his career he has been one of the league’s better redzone targets, and they barley look at him there. The weird jet sweeps and shovel passes have been awful. They need to rip those plays out of the playbook and burn them. They cannot run in the redzone either. Losing Anthony Fasano probably has something to do with that. It has just been a dumpster fire and I am not sure the addition of Corey Davis will magically make everything better either.

Furthermore, I am not sure if the coaches realize it or not, but DeMarco Murray is hurt. He can barley run. It’s really hampering the offense; he does not need to be playing.

I do not want to cry too much more about the offense, I just hope that they get it together after the bye, because they are severely underachieving right now.

As for the defense, they were ok, they did let DeShone Kizer and Cody Kessler complete a lot of passes and the Browns did have a few decent drives. However, they prevented them from reaching the endzone, so I guess that is a success. The pass rush was nonexistent until Joe Thomas went out. If Thomas had stayed in the game then the pass rush would have done absolutely nothing. If the Titans cannot get to the qb more consistently then better teams will shred them.

I thought that the secondary once again played well, especially Kevin Byard. Without him, the Titans lose this game. Adoree’ Jackson had a few penalties but he played well, same for Logan Ryan. The Browns are a bad offense so the defense should have played well, and I thought for the most part they did. It will be interesting to see what they can do against better competition.

Overall this game was not a classic Titans disaster, but it almost was. Thankfully they were able to pull it out and go into the bye with a win. I am hopefully that this offensive performance was an anomaly and that the team will come out of the bye hot. If not, this team is destine for a classic 7-9 season.

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