Midweek Report (On Thursday!)

Coming from somewhere deep below the earth, it’s the midweek report. Here we are, it’s the bye week. Not much Titans news. It appears that Johnathan Cyprien and Corey Davis will be back after the bye. I do not think that the return of Davis will supercharge the offense, but I do think it will be greatly beneficial. I am just not getting my hopes up that it will completely turn things around. But you never know. In other Titans news Rishard Matthews has taken to twitter to complain. He appears upset over the receivers getting the bulk of the blame for the offensives issues. I do not blame him for being a little upset, however, putting it out on social media is the absolute worst thing to do. It creates unnecessary drama. He should just complain to the coaches in private. Anyway enough of that, here are ten things I think about the Titans and the world around us.

1. I think the lose of Tajae Sharpe has been more significant than most originally thought. He was a solid player last year, and this year the receivers have played below average, so I think having him would help.

2. I think after the bye week Derrick Henry becomes the Titans lead back, Murray has lost a step.

3. I think if the running game cannot get going after the bye then the Titans will miss the playoffs again.

4. I think it is nice to at least have the Titans in the playoff hunt right now. Over the last decade more often than not at this point most fans are discussing the draft.

5. I think there might be too much hype for Corey Davis right now considering that he is only a rookie, however, he will definitely elevate the offense.

6. I think the Dolphins may play better without Jay Cutler. Matt Moore is a great backup and better than Cutler most days.

7. I think the Steelers have to get rid of Martavis Bryant, that guy is crazy.

8. I think there is no way that Teddy Bridgewater comes back this season, but if he does it will be the story of the season. I hope he can make it.

9. I think The Office is overrated.

10. I think the government did JFK.

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