Midweek Report

Here we are, the bye week is over and the Titans quest for the playoffs begins now. Thankfully it appears that the team is finally healthy with the exception of Quinton Spain. It looks like our old friend Brian Schwenke will be filling in at left guard on Sunday. But other than that it seems that the team is healthy. Johnathan Cyprien will be back starting, and of course the prize of the offseason, Corey Davis will make is triumphant return. Later this week I will dive into what I think this can mean for the Ravens game.


In other news the NFL trade deadline arrived on Tuesday and a plethora of big names were moved. This includes Jay Ajayi to the Eagles, Kelvin Benjamin to the Bills, and Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers. All of these moves can seen on the sports page, while the Browns can be found on the funny pages. In the most Browns move ever they botched a trade with the Bengals for AJ MAcCaron. Instead of calling the NFL to confirm the trade, they celebrated, and after the deadline had passed the NFL rejected the trade. The Browns attempted to dispute this, however the NFL notified they that they had effectively screwed up. No AJ McCarron for them. Anyway here are a few things that I Buy and some that I Sell.




  1. Marcus Mariota coming back this week 100% healthy. I think we see him take off a few times in this game.


  1. The Buffalo Bills. Yes, the Bills appear interesting. With the Benjamin trade look for them to make a stronge playoff push.


  1. Deshaun Watson. This sucks for Titans fans, this guy is unbelievable.


  1. Tre McBride. He’s playing well for the Bears. I wish the Titans had kept him.


  1. Juju Smith-Schuster. One of the best names in the league. This guy could be a future superstar in Pittsburg.




  1. Eric Decker. He’s been a huge disappointment.


  1. Terry Robiskie’s awful play calling. Hopefully it gets better after the bye.


  1. Bob McNair. What a moron.


  1. Jimmy Garoppolo instantly becoming a superstar. I think he will have a rough second half of the season. The 49ers are nearly a talentless team. Thus, it will be really difficult for him to look great. However, I think he will have a good chance after this year of becoming a decent starter.


  1. The Browns. My. God.

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