Ravens v. Titans Recap

Coming from nowhere in particular, it’s the Ravens v. Titans recap.

I thought that this was a decent win from my favorite corporate entity. The team had some good moments, and controlled most of the game. The score made it appear much closer than it was. However, this was not a dominant victory, but it was solid one that the team needed.


The offense had some ups, downs, and infuriating moments. However with the exception of the running game, this was a good game for the offense. The passing game was able to get going early, and it appeared that we were in for an offensive explosion, however during the third quarter it became stagnate. The day was eventually saved by our dad, Marcus Mariota in the fourth quarter when he led a four-minute drive to ice the game. The last drive featured a touchdown pass to Eric Decker. However, even with the solid ending, the passing game is still not clicking the way that I thought it would this year. Corey Davis being back certainly helped, and he made a few decent plays, however they are still too inconsistent. I think things will get better, especially once Davis adapts, however, they still make too many mistakes, and the play calling is still questionable at times. Although, the play calling was much better this week than it had been all season. With all of that being said, the biggest issue for the offense was the running game.

I am starting to really worry about the running game. DeMarco Murray appears to be done. He looks slow and struggles to gain positive yardage, while Derrick Henry is very inconsistent. Some weeks he looks like a top ten rb, and others he look indecisive and easy to tackle. It also does not help that the interior offensive line is having a difficult time run blocking. I think the Titans should try to mix it up a little bit, and use more misdirection or maybe more rb screen passes. Running up the middle this year has largely been fruitless.

While the line underperformed run blocking, they had a good game pass blocking. I thought Mariota was well protected with the exception of a few plays. Those plays mostly involved Terrell Suggs, who actually played quite well against Taylor Lewan. However, for the most part the unit had a good game, especially Jack Conklin. He’s having another great season.


The defense played very well this game. I thought that the defensive line had a wonderful game against the run, particularly Jerrell Casey, who had one of his best games of the season. Furthermore, the secondary once again had a good showing. Kevin Byrad is quickly becoming one of the best safeties in the league. There is no doubt he is having a breakout season. Furthermore, Logan Ryan is quietly having a very good season. As for the rest of the defense there is not much to say. I thought they played well. The pass rush is still a little shaky. I was exited to see Kevin Dodd play a little bit, however he really did not do much. I know most fans already consider him a bust, but I am still holding out some hope. Joe Flacco and the Ravens do not have a good offense, so it was nice to see the Titans defense have a good game against them, and not play down to their competition.

Final thoughts

I hate the ratbirds, so any victory over them should be celebrated. However, I feel that the Titans still have a long way to go until they are a true contender. This victory was definitely a step in the right direction. The Ravens were a team that the Titans had to beat, and they handled them. Thus, the team appears to be moving forward. It will be interesting to see if they can keep this positive momentum against the Bengals this Sunday.

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