Mid Week Report

It is Wednesday, and that means it is time for the mid week report! I hope everyone can contain their excitement for this report, because I barely have anything to talk about.

As for Titans news, there is not much. They are looking ok on injuries. Marcus Mariota is coming along, and could be back to 100% soon. Mularkey said that they might start running more RPOs this week. Quinton Spain may be out again. But I thought Brian Schwenke was serviceable, so not a damning lose. Additionally, Delanie Walker appears to be getting better too. Other than that, there is not much Titans news.

As for NFL news, it looks like AJ Green will not be suspended this week, there are rumors that Andrew Luck may not ever play again, and nobody knows when Zeke Elliot will play or not play anymore.

Here are a few things that I BUY and some that I SELL

  1. I buy the Jacksonville defense. I hate to say this, I really do, and I thought they might just be a shooting star and flash before across the sky before we really notice, however I my hopes are officially dashed. Their defense is elite and perhaps the strongest one that the NFL has seen since the height of the Legion of Boom. Sucks for us.
  2. I am buying Carson Wentz for MVP
  3. I buy the Saint running game. What?! Yes, Mark Ingram and Alvin Karma are dominating games right now, and he Saints are a serous contender.


  1. I am selling Avery Williams on being resigned. It is looking more and more like they want to phase him out of the defense, which is a shame because I really like him.
  2. I am selling the Colts as a competent organization-as much as I hate them, I do feel bad for Luck. At this point they have ruined his career. I would love to see Luck get an opportunity with another team.
  3. I sell Fantasy football. My teams have had a rough year. Sad!

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