Titans v. Steelers Recap

Coming from a dark secluded corner, it’s the game recap, presented by Robert’s hand crafted soap sculptures. Bathe with art!

Well Titans fans, our worst fears were realized Thursday night. Nearly everything that could go wrong did.

This game was certainly a difficulty challenge and a lose should not completely derail the season. However, this turns the next few games into must wins. From here on out the playoff push begins and one misfire could send the season careening towards mediocrity.


            There were some aspects for the offense this week that were ok, and if Delanie Walker does not drop a touchdown pass it could have been better, but overall they were pretty underwhelming.

The offensive line was an absolute train wreck. I thought having Quinton Spain back would be beneficial, however, he may still be hurt, because he was awful. Additionally, it appeared that Marcus Mariota had zero time to throw. I understand that the Steelers have a good d-line, but that was ridiculous. The pass blocking and the run blocking were also abysmal.

As bad as the blocking was, neither running back played halfway decent. It is time to admit that DeMarco Murray is done. He was great last year, and I will always appreciate him, but it is time to move on. He hampers the offense with his lackluster running. Furthermore, in this game his pass blocking and receiving play was equally bad. I would say that it is time to move on to Derrick Henry, but he has also been bad the last few weeks. Henry is puzzling, at times he looks like a great running back, and other times he is awful. Perhaps he just needs more carries, but I don’t know. I am not convinced the answer at running back is anywhere near this roster.

As for the passing game, it sucked. Mariota had arguably his worst night as a pro. Four interceptions is humiliating. A few of those were garbage throws, while some appeared to be one the receiver. I still think Mariota can be ok, but he needs work. I think the receivers this year have been bad. Corey Davis has been a tremendous disappointment since he has been back. Nothing really seems to be clicking with him. We have seen more mistakes than flashes. I think we might have to wait until next year for him.

So the offense really sucked, the coaching sucked, and the players sucked. They were the suckest bunch of sucks that I have seen suck in a while. Hopefully they can figure this out.


            The defense played decent throughout most of the game. They were able to hold the Steelers high-powered offense for a little while, and even generate a pass rush. The d-line played a good game. I was really impressed by Karl Klug, he looked like his former self.

However, with all of the offensive turnovers and the immense talent of the Steeler the defense just broke in the 4th quarter. It is hard to put too much of the loss on them. I think they are still a very average defense talent wise, and having them play arguably the most talented offense in the league is tough.

They had zero answer for Antonio Brown, but what defense does? Furthermore, Le’veon Bell played well at the end. Again not many defenses can stop him for an entire game. One can speculate that the defense could have played better if not for the offense being so bad, but it is what is it is. They played well in spurts, but they were on the field entirely too much and got gassed. They were not great, but I think this one is nearly entirely on the offense.

            Final Thoughts

            This was quite the forgettable game. It was not Houston bad, but it was definitely the second worst performance of the season. Playing in Pittsburgh on a short week is exceedingly difficult, and a lose by a few points would be forgivable and even revered by some. However, a blow out with four interceptions is inexcusable.

I am hoping that the team learns from this loss and grows due to it. If not we could be looking at an epic collapse on the level of a Mike Mularkey coached Bills team.

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