Titans v. Colts Recap

Coming from places unknown, it’s the Titans v. Colts recap. Sponsored by Juan Miguel’s bird and ferret law office. If you are having a problem with an animal, call Juan! (Unless it is bigger than a horse)

Honestly I do not even know what to say about this game. I am thrilled that the Titans won, however, the same issues that the offense has had all season showed up again. This team is so weird. They win, but I sometimes feel awful about it. I guess I should stop complaining and enjoy it, but I won’t.

I’ll try to offer my Monday morning qb opinions on this shit show.


The team has officially run out of excuses, the offense is bad this year. I was holding out hope that they would finally start clicking, but with only a few games left, I have given up. If they could not look good against a terrible Colts team, then they are not going to look good against anyone.

The interior offensive line once again had issues during this game. I wonder if Quinton Spain is still hurt, because he has been struggling since he has been back. I also thought that Taylor Lewan had some issues this week, which is rare. However, for the most part the pass blocking was decent, and while the run blocking struggled at times, they were not a major issue for the offense.

DeMarco Murray is done. I cannot at all understand why they keep giving him the ball 10 plus times a game. He cannot hit the hole and is holding the offense back immensely. The Colts defense is not good, and the line was able to open some space, but Murray could not do anything. I really think this game should be the last that they have him and Derrick Henry split carries.

As for Henry, I know he looked bad in the first half, but he is the type of runner that has to warm up. In college he was the same way. If you keep feeding him, he will heat up and start ripping off 10-yard runs. I really think they have to consider giving him 15 plus carries a game and getting him into a rhythm. Once he gets heated up, he can dominate a game. He showed it at the end of the Colts game. I think the Titans could possibly ride him to a wildcard spot.

While the running game has its issues, the big one of course is the passing game. It appears that Marcus Mariota has regressed. The is no simple reason for it, I am sure that there are issues that us simple minded fans have know way of grasping. However, it does appear to be a mixture of shot confidence, bad receiving play, and poor play calling.

Mariota does not seem to trust himself, however the bad receiving play might be a factor. Delanie Walker was the only reliable guy Mariota had on Sunday with Rishard Matthews out. Eric Decker was mediocre and Corey Davis has been incredibly inconsistent. Still Mariota has been making at least one boneheaded pass a week. It is really out of character. I hope they can calm him down, but I also think that the play calling has put him in countless bad situations.

At times the play calling is predicable. They were doing a classic run, run, pass last week. It constantly puts Mariota in third and longs. They were also doing weird things like the screen pass to Decker. Decker is old and slow, why not throw that screen pass to the physical freak that you just spent the 5th overall pick on?

I just do not really get this offense. It seems that Mariota has to repetitively throw contested passes. They never run any crossing routes or quick passes. They never run hurry up. It does not make a lot of sense to me. Why not just come out throwing against a terrible Colts secondary and then run Henry once a lead is established? Plus, I think it may be too late the implement now, but one would think that pistol formations would be perfect with Mariota. I think this offense has to be overhauled in the offseason.

Well I guess I should give the offense some credit though. The team did win. I thought Walker and Henry played great.


The defense was great again. They were put in some bad situations by the offense, but they were resilient. They set a record for most sacks in a game and were fun to watch.

When the pass rush gets going it is electric. The Colts offensive line is one of the worst in the league and they found a way to take advantage of that. Anytime DaQuan Jones gets 2 sacks it’s a good day.

I thought the linebackers also played well. Jayon Brown had a great game. There were a few plays in which Jack Doyle was basically uncovered, but still they did not let him kill them too much. They just should not ever put Avery Williamson on a tight end.

The secondary was phenomenal. I cannot get over how much they have improved since last year. They again shut down known Titans killer, TY Hilton. Adoree’ Jackson and Logan Ryan have played well beyond expectations.

Overall I was very pleased by the defense. I think they have been great this year.

            Final Thoughts

I am beyond exited to see the Titans sweep the Colts for the first time since 2002. Additionally, I love where the team is at right now. I just really hope they can get the offense figured out, because I think they have massive potential and could really be a force in the AFC if/when things get clicking.

Nevertheless any victory against the Colts is great. Fuck them and now it’s Houston week.

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