Midweek Report

Coming from somewhere deep below the earth, it’s the midweek report. Proudly sponsored by, no one.

It is Wednesday and there is not too much Titans news. Rishard Matthews is still questionable for Sunday. Marcus Mariota has stated that mechanic issues are a reason for his interceptions, and the Titans are staying out west after the Arizona game. Other than that, not much else.

As for the NFL, the Giants have benched franchise legend, Eli Manning for franchise clown, Geno Smith, Darren McFadden has retired, and Tre McBride was cut from the Bears.

Here are five things I BUY and five that I SELL


  1. I buy a bounce back game for the Titans’ offense. It has to happen this week against the dreaded Texans, right?
  2. I buy the Chargers as a playoff team. I think they make it in and cause trouble for someone in the first round.
  3. I buy Alvin Kamara for offensive rookie of the year. How did this guy last until the third round?
  4. I buy Jared Goff this year. He could have actually been worth the first overall pick (even if he does not know where the sun rises and sets).
  5. I buy the Raiders as a team that will get back on track and make the playoffs.


  1. I Sell Terry Robiskie and the exotic smash mouth!
  2. I sell the Ravens as a true playoff team. The offense has nearly zero talent and Joe Flacco is awful.
  3. I sell the Giants as an organization. What an embarrassing dumpster fire.
  4. I sell Alex Smith. He has always been an average qb who is incapable of carrying a team.
  5. I sell all of the Broncos’ qbs. They have to draft someone next year. What a disaster.

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