Texans v. Titans Recap     

Coming from parts unknown, it is the Texans v. Titans recap. Proudly presented by Burnside’s Razors. They invented sideburns, and now they want to give you a razor to make them.

Well Titans fans this was another weird one. Watching these games is starting to feel like groundhogs day. The Titans get down, offense is stagnate sans one or two really good drives, the defense carries the team, and then the offense pulls it out in the 4th quarter. It’s strange. I feel like I should be thrilled. The team has a winning record and actually has a chance at the playoffs. However, I feel bad about this team. The offense is just not good, while the defense has been good, but they still just gave up over 350 passing yards to Tom Savage. So I don’t know what to think.

Also the officiating in this game was complete trash.


The offense was not a disaster this week, but it was not great. I thought that the running game was good though. Demarco Murray appeared significantly better than he did during the last few games, and the offense line was able to generate a decent push. Of course, Derrick Henry looked great. I have noticed that he does a lot better when he gets on the edge. Perhaps they should use Murray between the tackles and have Henry work on the edge. Additionally, seeing Henry’s speed made me wish that they would use him more in the passing or screen game. Not much else to say here. I thought the line and both rbs had a good game.

The passing game once again had some issues. It appears that they really wanted to go super conservative in order to limit mistakes. I also think not having Rishard Matthews really hurt their ability to do a lot. Still I was hoping to see Taywan Taylor and Corey Davis more involved. I am a little surprised that they did not attempt more deep passes to them. I am not really sure what the deal is with Davis. I understand that my expectations are a little wacky, but he’s been basically nonexistent since he has been back. I expect a little more from the 5th overall pick.

Furthermore, I thought that Eric Decker had a decent game, and Delanie Walker was amazing. Still, the passing game was so inept at times. For whatever reason they just cannot get into any sort of consistent rhythm. It’s frustrating, but at this point, expected.

I thought that the play calling was better this week, with the exception of the bizarre screen pass in which there were only three players on the offensive line and also that god awful jet sweep the Taylor. That was garbage.

Overall the offense was pretty much the same as usual, with the exception of a slightly better run game.


I thought that the defense played well. Perhaps not as good as last week, however, the Texans are a better offensive team than the Colts.

I thought the Titans were great at stopping the run. In fact, Lamar Miller was nearly ghosted. I was however a little surprised at the lack of pressure during the majority of the game. I thought that the Titans d-line would dominate against the makeshift Texans line. Additionally, it really is disappointing the see DaQuan Jones get put on injured reserve. I thought he had really been playing well these last few weeks.

As for the secondary, I thought that they were decent. I was surprised that they did not double DeAndre Hopkins, however, he did not blow up, so I guess they contained him for the most part. It is also disappointing to see Logan Ryan go down. I thought he had a good game.

Overall the defense was ok. They seemed to have been playing bend don’t break, which is what they have been doing all season. Although giving up 365 passing yards to Tom Savage is quite concerning.

Final Thoughts

Well a win is a win, I suppose. I would rather the Titans win and look like shit than lose and look good. So I might as well enjoy it while it last. Furthermore, It is great to finally have a wining record in the division. I love that. Next week will be a lot harder though; I hope the Titans are watching plenty of film!

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