Thursday Thoughts/First Preseason Game

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Welcome Titans fans and people lost on the Internet. Well we are in the thick of the preseason doldrums. The excitement of training camp has waned and the reality that preseason is kind of boring has hit. In all honesty just getting through the month with minimal injuries would be ideal.

Speaking of injuries though, Vrabel’s refusal to provide any information regarding them has nearly driven me to madness. Seriously this is crazy. Is Corey Davis practicing? Why was he out? He traveled with the team to Green Bay and he put on a uniform, but why? Now he’s back, I guess. What happened to Rishard Matthews? Where is Brian Orakpo and what’s the deal with Rashann Evans? Seriously Evans had turned into bigfoot. For anyone that has read this far, I am sure they have seen the guy on twitter claiming to sell furniture to Evans. The guy said that Evans was fine, and then a few days later Evans sent a cryptic tweet stating that he is good to go. But what does it all mean? Is he really hurt? Anytime he is seen on the practice field or in Nashville people film him like he sasquatch, then break the film down trying to find what the “injury” might be. I’m starting to doubt that it was a “heat related” issue. He appeared fine in many of the videos that I have examined, so maybe it’s a concussion, or maybe it’s a deep conspiracy within the Titans, we could be at the tip of the iceberg.

As for the progression of the team and thoughts about the first preseason game, I will say that I liked most of what I saw. Obviously it is quite difficult to get a feel for a team after the first preseason game, but I’ll fire off a few poorly thought out reactions.

Personally, I felt that the offense on the opening drive appeared fine. I was worried that protection could be an issue with Dennis Kelly in, however, he held up well. The 3rd down pass to Nick Williams has ben analyzed to the point that it’s almost become a preseason Zapruder film. I’ve read the hot takes from Blake Beddingfield, I have seen what sports writers think, and I have skimmed through the message board reactions. It is preseason game one, they completed the pass, who cares! I understand that people are claiming that Taywan Taylor was the first read and Mariota misread the play. But how would anyone but the coaches possibly know that. Plus, if Taylor was the first read, then there is no way Mariota would have missed him, he was wide open. I need to stop; I do not want to waste any more time on this. It’s completely ridiculous.

The rest of the offense appeared fine. The backup qbs looked like backups. Although a few of Nick Faulk’s passes appeared almost comically inaccurate. But he’s the next Tom Brady, so it will work out.

As for the defense, the starting secondary got roasted by Brett Hundley. If this were an actual game, it would be deeply upsetting, however it’s not. The defense had a super vanilla game plan, thus they were clearly not at their best. I am not worried. I did think that Harold Landry looked good. If he can keep it up, he should be a solid contributor this year. For the rest of the defense, they need to tackle better. The missed tackles were embarrassing.

The only other big take away for the Titans were the staggering amount of penalties. It was absurd. They need to clean it up.

Finally, regarding the first game, I thought that the broadcast was awful. The announcers were not in preseason mode, maybe mini-camp came mode, but certainly not up to par for early August. Additionally, Ed Hochuli’s kid needs to work on his biceps. He has a long way to go before he’s truly Hochuli’s air.

That is about it. I am looking forward to the joint practices with Tampa Bay. Until then, Titans fans, keep those thumbtacks flaming!

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