Second Titans Preseason Game and Other Thoughts

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Two preseason games down, two to go. We are nearly there. Preseason can be difficult to talk about considering that the “games” are essentially glorified scrimmages. However, I have been encouraged by what I have seen from the starting offense. For instance, the passing game appears more complex than last year. So far we have yet to see bunch formations and insane rout distributions in which wide receivers run to the same spot. Additionally, the emergence of the screen game can be nothing but encouraging. Both running backs appear that they can be effective passing targets, and of course it was glorious to see Taywan Taylor take a screen to the end zone. Nine out of ten times last year that pass goes to Eric Decker, the other time it goes to Harry Douglas, and every time it fails. Furthermore, Dion Lewis looked fantastic. The shiftiness and the explosion that he displayed was impressive. I think there will be games that he takes over. Other than that there is not too much else to say. I have however, been disappointed my Luke Faulk. He does not appear to have an NFL arm. Maybe he makes the practice squad this year, but I do not see him on the final roster.

The defense appeared decent. Harold Landry had another solid performance. However, I think it will take time to adjust to the new rules. It is still preseason so I am not panicking too much about them. But I can definitely see huge issues during the season.

I am also sort of shocked by the Rishard Matthews extension. It came out of absolutely nowhere. But I cannot complain. I like Matthews a lot. He’s been the best receiver the team has had since Nate Washington. For the rest of the NFL this is not saying much, but the Titans are cursed at the position, so just consistently showing up and making a few plays is huge. Furthermore, I was surprised to find out that Matthews negotiated the contract without an agent. Probably not the best idea, but I hope nothing but the best for him. Hopefully he recovers from his mysterious injury soon.

That is about it. There is just so much to say about a glorified scrimmage. The third preseason game will be a little more interesting, however, I do not think that we will get a good feel for the new offense until a month or so into the regular season. Until then, Titans fans, keep those thumbtacks flaming!

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