Texans v. Titans

Coming from somewhere deep underground, it’s the Two Tone Blue Rant, sponsored by Lonnie’s Gas Station. They have the pumps in the front and Lonnie’s mom sells catfish in the back.

Hello Titans fans. Here we are, week two. Our beloved Titans are matched up against the vile Texans, the team that was given a stadium in Houston nearly a decade after the city refused to build one for poor Bud Adams. This game is pretty terrifying, when the Texans are healthy, they are as good as any team in the league. Last year we saw this first hand when they proceeded to obliterate the Titans before halftime. I can’t help but get a little PTSD when thinking about that game. However, it is a new season, so I am cautiously optimistic that the Titans can do a little better.

The Titans offense is going to face a huge challenge this week. The Texans have a good passrush, and currently the Titans will be without two starting tackles-not good. Clowney will definitely give the offensive line fits and while Watt, who not what he used to be, can still cause huge disruptions. I do not expect the titans to have a lot of deep drop backs. I really think they will do a lot of what we saw early in the Miami game. I think we could see a lot pistol. If Mariota plays, I doubt we see him run much. I think they are going to want to get him going with short passes, and use tons of Henry and Lewis. I could see them going heavy on the run and throwing a lot of screen passes. I think we see a fairly conservative game plan. Of course, they will try to get Corey Davis involved, but unless the game starts getting out of hand, I am expecting a slow methodical approach.

As for the defense they cannot do much worse than they did against Watson last year. I understand that he did not play great last week, but historically the Titans are slump busters so I can see him blowing up in this game. However, if they can limit Watson’s runs and prevent the long bombs to Fuller (if he plays) then they may have a chance at containing the Texans. Hopkins will of course get his yards, but the goal with him should be to prevent him from taking over a game, which Logan Ryan has done in the past. The Texans offensive line is bad, however the Titans defensive line did nothing last week. They really need Casey to show up. Additionally, the Titans greatly need to get their edge rushers to generate some pressure. If Landry plays then they maybe they can get some solid pressure, if not, then I am not sure who, besides an aging Orakpo can burst off of the edge. It is really going to take a massive effort from the defense to stop the Texans offense, which on its best day is capable of scoring over forty points.

This is a weird game, and it is difficult to get a feel for either team. I am hoping that the Titans come out ready to go, because if they come out flat then they risk getting down big early. Furthermore, if they get blown out, then this season has a chance of spinning out of control within the first month. It is not a must win game, but if they lose we could be looking at a full panic. I am not expecting a win, but I am hopeful they can surprise me. Go Titans, keep those thumbtacks flaming!

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