Ravens v. Titans Recap/Titans v. Chargers Preview

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Hello Titans fans. Well here we are, a few weeks ago the arrow was pointing up and everything was coming up Titans, now we’re lost in a Roman wilderness of pain. Is this the end of the season? I think Sunday was one of the worst losses in franchise history. I simply cannot get over how bad the team played. I figured that the offense could not get lower after the Bills game, but I was gravely mistaken. Sunday was like watching a jv high school team try to play in the NFL. It was a complete and utter failure.

The Titans’ offense is the worst in the NFL and there does not seem to an answer for how to fix it. The line went from being one of the better ones in the league to one of the worst. Both guards and the center are awful. I think they should move on from Spain, Kline and Jones in the offseason, but that might not be realistic. I am a little baffled that they gave Kline an extension. He’s terrible. However, I am still a fan of both tackles, Lewan and Conklin. Although, neither has played to their full potential. Conklin is probably still dealing with the lingering effects of his injury, while Lewan has been banged up. Additionally, I am starting to wonder if distractions have taken Lewan’s head out of the game. His complaining to the national media about recognition and other exploits may have shifted his focus. Nevertheless, I am convinced that his game will pick up.

Against the Ravens, the running backs were once again trash. Henry has been a complete bust this season, and after starting strong, Lewis has been awful. Both were utterly abysmal on Sunday. The coaching staff is not doing them any favors however. The way that the Titans run a two back system makes it seem that the coaches do not understand how to effectively run a two back system. They typically do not go with the hot hand and they fail to take advantage of each player’s specific skill set. I would like to see them use Henry more in the second half and even get him involved in the screen game. Furthermore, I think more quick check downs should be thrown to Lewis. Perhaps adjusting their roles would help, but I have come to the realization that neither are very good players.

Speaking of the terrible play, the receivers were again a total joke. They failed to do anything to even warrant a discussion. At this point though I will say that I am disappointed with Corey Davis. Outside of the Eagles game he has done nothing. We’ll see what happens, but right now he is looking like a massive draft reach.

There are simply too many things to say about Mariota. I want to believe he can be a franchise QB, and we have seen him play to that level before, but as of now he’s been far too inconsistent. Sunday was not all his fault, but his play was bad. Elite QBs do not have games like that. Additionally, good NFL QBs should carry a team. For instance, Andrew Luck has had zero help besides TY Hilton and he’s never had the downs that Mariota has had. He consistently carries the team. Obviously a lot can change before the end of the season, but as of now, I am leaning towards Mariota not being the long term answer.

As for the defense, they did not play great against the Ravens. Recently, the passrush has completely evaporated. Morgan and Orakpo have been total non-factors and Landry hit a rookie wall. They have to find a passrush. As for the rest of the defense, Bates was terrible on and Malcolm Butler got burned again (shocking). The third down defense was comical. The Ravens could have converted a 3rd and 50 if they needed to. All around it was pathetic and if Baltimore wanted to, they could have hung forty. They essentially stopped playing in the middle of the third quarter.

Well on to the Chargers who have one of the best offenses in the NFL. The Titans are going to travel 4,000 miles just to get a Tsar bomba thrown on them. Honestly, I am not sure what there is to break down. My expectations could not possibly be lower. Really my hope is that they can just look competent. If they can come out run a real offense and keep the game close, I’ll be happy. But if it’s another disaster, I guess we might as well start making our mock drafts.

Well Titans fans, crazier things have happened, maybe they can pull it off, but regardless keep those thumbtacks flaming. Maybe one day it will get better.

Titans v. Bills Recap/Ravens v. Titans Preview

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Well Titans fans, after a week of looking like a true contender the Titans go out and do the most Titans thing ever, lose to an inferior team and obliterate all good will the team may have earned. Going into the Bills game I felt that it had all of the makings of a trap game. The team had just come off of an emotional win and was going to play one of the worst teams in the league. I also do not think that it helped having the team talk about how great they were all week and how the media had disrespected them. In fact, I think it created a distraction, which may have contributed to the giant turd they laid in Buffalo.

That game was so utterly terrible that there is not a ton to discuss. The offense was trash, and I know that everyone wants to blame the receivers, which they should, but it was not just them. It appeared that the entire unit was in shambles. The offensive line was bad, and it only got worse when Lewan left. Additionally, I found myself really questioning the play calling. It appeared that nearly every play the Bills’ defense was sending jailbreak blitzes, and for whatever reason the Titans failed to counter it. Logically, quick passes would beat that, but for some reason the team did not do that. I am honestly not sure what the offensive game plan was. For instance, against Philadelphia it was to attach through the air, while against Houston and Jacksonville it was to be a conservative run team. In Buffalo, I had no idea what the team wanted to do. It appeared to be a giant mess.

Of course the receivers were a nightmare wrapped in a horror movie. Everyone besides Davis was pathetic. Nick Williams was so bad that they cut him two days later. I am hoping this group can improve going forward, but as the season progresses I see how the lose to Mathews and Walker were monumental.

The running game too was vastly disappointing, yet again. I thought that Henry might finally do something, but I was wrong. Additionally, Lewis was not great in this game. Although the offensive line game them very little help. However, I did notice that Henry missed a few holes and ran timidly again.

As for Mariota, he did not have a good game, however, he had no help. I feel like Titans fans have entered this cycle in which we defend Mariota after bad games, he keeps playing poorly, and then when we nearly run out of of patience he has a great game or two, we all buy in, and then reverts back to bad Mariota. I am not saying that he can’t be our franchise qb, but I am also not convinced that he is. It is almost like the team is in some weird purgatory with him.

As for the defense, I thought they played great in Buffalo. They did give up some runs, but they also allowed only thirteen points, so I really cannot complain that much.

So here we are, 3-2 with loses to the worst two teams on the schedule, and the Ravens are coming to town. What should we expect from this utterly perplexing team? I do not know, but I think that the Raves are beatable. The Titans’ defense could have another good day, as the Ravens’ offense is average. If the Titans pass rush can get going and they can get in Flacco’s face, then they could have a big day. The Ravens do have some decent receivers with Brown and Crabtree, but I think the Titans corners should be able to hold them. I would assume that rational coaching would avoid a Malcolm Butler John Brown match up. I actually think that Butler could do well against Crabtree, and Adoree Jackson could contain Brown. Additionally, the Ravens have a pair of decent running backs with Alex Collins and Buck Allen. I think the Titans run defense should contain them, even though they have been porous against the run lately. Therefore I think the Titans defense should hold its own, and once again a victory will depend on the offense.

The Titans enigmatic offense will have its hands full trying to advance against the Ravens. Baltimore’s defense is one of the better units in the league. In order to score, the Titans are really going to need the receivers to win their matchups. This could be the type of game that Corey Davis shows that he truly is an emerging talent. He’ll most likely be up against Jimmy Smith, who is a very good corner. The other receivers such as Taylor and Sharpe will have to make plays too. However, Titans receivers are so bad that I am not expecting much, but in order for the team to win they have to do something.

I am also not expecting the running backs to do a lot in this game. They have been consistently bad and the Ravens have a good defense. I would however expect a lot of screen passes to Lewis and maybe a few to Henry. I imagine that they want to get them in space considering how bad the interior offensive line has been.

I think a lot will be put on Mariota in this game. I do not think that the team can win the way it did in Jacksonville, thus he will need to make plays. However, I would overall expect a fairly conservative game plan. I do not see them throwing bombs to Corey Davis all day, but who knows.

As any Titans fans should, I hate the Ravens with a passion. They were our archrivals in the old AFC Central days, and I kind of wish the Titans played them more. Anytime that the Titans beat them is a good day. I am hopeful that they pull it off. So until next week, Go Titans, keep those thumbtacks flaming!

Eagles v. Titans Recap/Titans v. Bills Preview

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Hello Titans fans and those lost on the Internet. What an amazing few weeks it has been. Unfortunately I had to miss last week, but I am back and bigger, stronger and faster. I have had trouble containing my excitement all week; this is the team that I have been waiting to see since the days #9 left the building (or got locked out). Because I did not get around to discussing it last week, I will go ahead and say that the Jags game was amazing. It was a typical Jags Titans, rough and low scoring, and I am glad that they were able to shut them up. Anyway, back to the Philly game. Going into that game I did not have high expectations, I almost thought that we would see a repeat of the Houston game with the trick plays and hyper conservatism. Similar to Houston, Philly can score at will. Thus, I was hesitant when thinking that the Titans could keep up. However, I was laughably wrong and my lack of faith was disturbing.

I feel as though what we witnessed on Sunday was the begging of something. The offense that every Titans fan has wanted for years-maybe even decades was on full display in the second half. It was everything that I thought it would be and more. Deep passes, an adequate screen game, a quick satellite back, and a number one receiver. I was especially impressed with how the team came back after being down. Past Titans teams would have crumbled in that situation and allowed the game to get away from them. But as we all saw, this team is different.

I loved all of it Mariota appeared fantastic. I’ll admit I was a little nervous after the interception, however he bounced back in a huge way, and lit the Eagles up. If Mariota can consistently play the way he did on Sunday, then the Titans can play with anyone in the NFL.

Continuing my heaping of praise, I of course have to talk about Corey Davis. I think he’s played pretty well this season, and I think he would have had a huge game earlier if it was not for the QB injuries, but his game on Sunday was the best he’s played as a Titan. He dominated that game, and gave the Eagles flashbacks to the Kenny Britt two hundred yard game. However, unlike Britt, Davis has a good head, and barring some unforeseen incident, he can be a number one receiver in the NFL-something the Titans have never had.

I can literally write a thousand pages highlighting all of the good play that the Titans had on Sunday. However, for the sake of time, I’ll just mention a few other players, before previewing the Bills game.

Landry is clearly turning into a star, and his emergence has tremendously helped Casey. This is looking like his best season ever, and if he can keep it up, I think he might be in consideration for defensive player of the year. I also thought that Jayon Brown played great. He’s been mostly a coverage guy, but he did a decent job against the run. He really does appear to be improving every week. Logan Ryan is another guy who has looked fantastic. For whatever reason he gets underrated, but he’s been great.

I will quickly mention the issues with Malcolm Butler. He does not look good right now, and before the Eagles game I was thinking it could be that he simply does not match up well against the speed guys, but he was getting burned by everyone last Sunday, including Jordan Mathews and Alshon Jeffery, and neither is known for their speed. At this point I am confident that the coaching staff can alter his role and put him in better situations. However, it is looking like he could be a free agent bust.

Well here we are, the Titans won a massive game and now they travel to Buffalo to take on the lowly Bills. This should be an easy win, right? Wrong, I honestly think this game could be more of a struggle than Titans fans want to believe. The Bills usually play very well at home and they have a decent defense. Furthermore, this is a classic trap game.

I am concerned that the emotional win from last week and all of the complaining from the players this week about not being respected will cause them to lose focus. I can see this game as low scoring and maybe even a little boring. I know that Titans fans are expecting a massive areal assault, but I think otherwise. I would not be surprised if the Titans look to run a lot in this game. It will be interesting to see what they can do, but I am cautiously optimistic that they can continue what they did last week.

Looking back at the last few years, this is the type of game that the Titans have struggled in. For instance, the infamous Browns game in Cleveland is an example of this. It came after finally beating the Colts, and seeing Mariota destroy them from throwing in the pocket. Titans fans expected to go to Cleveland and obliterate the Browns, however the game turned into a boring slugfest. I will mention that the Cleveland game is one of the reasons that Mularkey was fired, it showed his inability to attack an opponent’s weakness. But most of the team played down to the bad competition in that game and really they have had a habit of doing that. This will be a great test to see if Vrabel can reverse course on this and get the team to start blowing out bad opponents.

As for the national media’s lack of care from the Titans, I genuinely do not get why this is such a big deal. The team has literally been ignored since its creation. I guess it bothered me twenty years ago, but I am used to it. I never go to the national media anyway. If get my Titans news from Titans websites and I could care less about the power rankings. The team should focus on winning games, not what some idiot on ESPN says. I guess it’s fine if other fans complain about this, but I hope they know that we could win the Super Bowl and still be ranked twenty in the power rankings. That’s how it goes for a small market team.

Well this has been a long and stupid rant. I can’t wait to see what the Titans do tomorrow. Hopefully they can keep the magic going. So until next week, Go Titans, keep those thumbtacks flaming!