Titans v. Colts Preview

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Hello Titans fans. Well it’s been a while. Recently my time has turned to ash. But alas I am back and what I have to say will rock your world. I love the Titans right now. First, the Monday night game. It was brilliant. The defense was great and Mariota turned into the new Mr. Monday night. Plus it was great to see Jerry Jones and is obnoxious family lose. It was a great victory, but at the time I was thinking what does this mean? The Cowboy’s are not a very good team, and the Titans have a habit of looking good one week, then laying an egg the next. I thought well maybe if they can look good against the Patriots then I could believe they are moving in the right direction.

In the stunner of the decade they not only looked good, they completely dismantled New England. I honestly thought they had no chance and I am still stunned. That game may have been the most thorough victory the team has had since 2008. I could not be happier for the team. Really every player looked great, especially Corey Davis and Adoree Jackson.

I think coaching obviously made a tremendous difference. The offense appeared creative and was aggressive. They never slowed down. If Mularkey was still around the team would have run the ball eighty times in the second half, and allow the Patriots to comeback. The defensive coaching was also amazing. As a whole the defense has been light-out all season. Last Sunday was obviously no difference. Like the offense, they were aggressive and they never let up. They made Tom Brady’s ass quit. Not a lot of teams have done that.

So yes, it was an amazing game. But here we are again. The Titans have looked really good, but will it continue? The franchise history and the way things went down after the Eagles game gives me some trepidation. Additionally, this week they play the Colts, and the Titans have never beaten Andrew Luck. That is simply a stunning stat. Luck was drafted in 2012.

When looking at the game on paper the Titans have the more talented team. The Colts have a lot of holes due to years of roster mismanagement. However, Luck has the ability to overcome the garbage roster and make them competitive in every game. As much as I do not want to like him, he is simply one of the best players in the league.

So what do the Titans have to do? Well the obvious thing, make Luck uncomfortable. Like they did to Brady, they need to get after him and confuse him. The Colt’s pass protection has been much better recently, so that will be difficult. The edge rushers are really going to have to show up. Furthermore, the Colts heavily feature their tight ends. I would imagine that Brown will cover Ebron, but it would not surprise me if they put a safety on him. The defense is simply going to have to play lights-out again.

As for the offense, they need to stay aggressive. The Colts defense is not great, so they should fair well. If they go out and play like trash there is not excuse. I hope they try to get Davis involved early. That seemed to help a lot last week. Furthermore, I can see them featuring Lewis a lot early in an attempt to slow the game down. By doing this they can take the ball out of Luck’s hands. However, they may have to score at least thirty to win.

I think the Titans should win this game. But the team has been so up and down I really do not know what to expect. I am cautiously optimistic. But like every Titans fan, I hate the Colts and would love nothing more than to get this Andrew Luck monkey off the team’s back. So I am really hoping for a win. Let’s go Titans and until next time keep those thumbtacks flaming.

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