Redskins v. Titans Preview

Coming from somewhere deep underground, it’s the Two Tone Blue Rant, sponsored by Joe’s Taco Truck. Joe has over thirty years of experience in the business. After the ringworm incident, Joe’s voluntarily decided to close the restaurant and take his fine product the streets. So if you see a gray van with a giant taco drawn on it, you know what time it is. Taco time!

Hello Titans fans. It has been an inconsistent month as life has made this difficult. But I am now here, and I am happy to heap praise on the Titans. This win streak has been one of the most fun ones in recent years. They’ve had two blowouts in a row, I cannot remembered the last time that happened, maybe 2016 or even as far back as the Jeff Fisher era. Of course one man has cause the team to perform in such a dominant way. He’s less of a man and more of a giant, a king, or el tractorcito. Of course it’s Derrick Henry. I was wrong to ever doubt him. He’s looked like the best running back in the league. The transformation has been almost shocking. I think the line has been blocking better and the play calling as improved, but most of all Henry is playing significantly better. If he can keep maintain this level of play, the team can ride him into the playoffs.

As for the rest of the offense, they have played more or less the same. The line as been blocking better. Kelly has looked better than Conklin this year, although I do hate to lose Conklin for the year, but I do not think he was ever healthy. The receivers are not dropping as much, but they have still struggled. I think the team will have to sign and draft a few receivers in the offseason. However, Davis has looked good at times. I still do not think they throw it to him enough that could be a LafFeur or a Mariota problem. The tight ends have been ravished by injuries. I am disappointed to see Smith go to IR. He was looking much better. I thought we would see the Firk-show, but it never came against the Giants. Maybe it will open in Nashville this Saturday. Mariota has been inconsistent, but they have not really needed him, especially against the Giants. He will have to make big plays if they want to make the playoffs.

The defense has looked great. However, I do not want to demean their performances, but they were playing against two of the worst offenses in the league. The outside pass rush still has some issues. Landry seems to disappear at times. While Morgan and Orakpo have not been anywhere near as effective as they used to be. I thought Finch looked great until he got injured. Hopefully this week it will not be a significant issue, but it most certainly will be a problem against the Colts. I think Evans has looked spectacular, as have Jackson and Byard. Butler has also played much better. The loss of Ryan is devastating. He’s arguable been the team’s best player on defense. They have some decent depth, so they may be able to overcome it. Perhaps Jackson will takeover in the slot.

So here they are, the team needs to win out to make the playoffs. They have Washington up first. They have been cursed with a myriad of injuries this year. I believe they are down to their 4th string qb. They have also been quite porous on run defense. Thus, this appears to be an easy win for the Titans but I still have my doubts. Mostly because it would be the most Titans thing ever to come out flat and lose to an awful Washington team.

Obviously they should win tomorrow and we should be looking at an all or nothing game against the Colts next week. I am hoping for the best but expecting the worst. You never know with the Titans. Well it has been a fun few weeks. Let’s hope they can keep it up and roll into the postseason. Until next time keep those thumbtacks flaming.

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