Free Agency Recap and Draft Preview

Hello Titans fans. You probably thought I was gone forever, but alas I have returned to deliver free agency and draft hot takes.

After the disappointing end to the season I entered a deep depression. My favorite football team had missed the playoffs. What could be worse?

I ignored the post season, who really cares if the Titans are out? I then spent a month wandering the dense wilderness of Montana searching for the meaning of life. I drank kombuchas and lived off of beef stroganoff camp packs. I spent my days performed ritualistic bigfoot calls hoping that the mythical beast would emerge from the forest and give me answers. But I found nothing.

When I returned home it was the start of free agency. I checked my phone to see that J-Rob had signed Adam Humphries, Rodger Saffold and traded for Ryan Tannehill. My questions were answered and was I pulled back in.

I love what the team did in free agency. Long gone are the days when the front office did nothing and then wondered why they continued to suck or the days when Mike Reinfeldt went golfing in lieu of doing this job. That was the old Titans, the new Titans spend. But they don’t blow money on washed up or overrated players like Washington, they spend wisely like a seasoned CEO looking to acquire new assets. Last year the Titans were essentially were without a slot receiver, so they obtained a real gym rat who is on the cusp of his prime. The interior offensive line was trash last year, so they signed the best guard available and cut the overpaid Kline. Blaine Gabbert could barley throw a pass, so they cut him and signed arguably the best back up in the league. These moves give me a ton of hope and with a good draft the team could really be looking up.

For the draft the Titans have a lot of moves they can make at 19. They do not have many holes so they could take the best player available. Trading down is another option, and I think it would be wise. In any regard there are a few positions that I am hoping they consider early. The first would be pass rusher. Whether it be a defensive lineman or an edge rusher. Pass rusher is arguable the weakest spot on the defense, so obviously it would be great to upgrade. I would love to add a disruptive lineman. Since the emergence of Casey I have dreamed of pairing him with an equal talent, and if the past has shown anything, having a great defensive line can lead to a lot of success, so perhaps one of the Clemson guys could be a good selection. Of course getting another edge guy would be great if any are available. What the team has now will not get it through the season, so even if they do not draft an edge guy at 19 I am positive they will get one at some point in the draft.

Another position that I would like to see is an interior offensive lineman. The team does have a small hole in the line right now. I do not think it is a massive issue as they have a few guys who could fill in, but it would be nice to add another body in order to shore up the line. I would love to see the team have a dominant line like they did in 2016 and parts of 2017. As for other positions, I have seen tight end floated. I am not super against it, but I am not sure if it is the best move. It would be interesting to add another guy to the group, but I thought Smith played well before his injury and with some patience the Firk-Show could devolve into a dependable weapon. Of course Walker will be back, and I think the team should get another couple of seasons out of him. Thus, I would not mind if they got a tight end at some point in the draft, but the first round seems a little rich. I feel the same way about receiver. I have seen people already give up on Davis and irrationally screaming for the team to draft a wideout. I think that is crazy. Davis nearly had a thousand yards in his second year playing in one of the worst passing offenses in the league, please give him five minutes to develop, he will be good. Plus, a rookie receiver is not going to save this offense. Sure I would love one at some point in the draft, and I think they should add a guy, but the first round seems too high. As for other positions, I’ve seem corner and even running back mocked to the Titans. The people doing those mocks are either on drugs or need to be one drugs.

One final thought about the draft, if the Cardinals do take Kyler Murray, I would totally go Madden on this roaster and offer them a third or even a second round pick for Josh Rosen. Neither Mariota or Tannehill are signed past 2019, so it could be worthwhile to have a guy developing behind them. It is not going to happen. But it would certainly add a lot of drama to the qb room.

Well that’s about it. Good luck in retirement Orakpo, and until next time Titans fans(if any read this) keep your thumbtacks flaming.