Titans v. Cardinals Preview

Coming from somewhere deep below the Earth, it’s the Titans v. Cardinals preview, sponsored by Joe’s Fruit. Good people selling good fruit.

Well Titans fans here we are, another pivotal game. This one will be against a Blaine Gabbert led offense. Seems easy right, wrong! I think this will be a difficult game for the Titans. The Cardinals have super star receiver Larry Fitzgerald, a strong defense, and home field advantage. The Titans will have to play a lot better this week if they want to win.

As for injuries, it appears that Derrick Morgan will be out. Erik Walden will replace him. Rishard Matthews and Delanie Walker are expected to play


The Cardinals have a pretty good defense with a lot of dynamic playmakers. I think when making the offensive game plan, the Titans will keep this in mind. Thus, I expect a very conservative approach. I think they are going to want to run the ball a ton. The Cardinals main strength is their secondary, so if they can get the running game going, then perhaps they can have some offensive success.

As I have said in the past, I would love to see Derrick Henry get the ball 20 times. I think he has the ability to break runs at any given moment, thus, with a higher volume he would have a significantly better chance at a few big plays. However, if DeMarco Murray plays the way he did last week, then I expect them to split carries. It will certainly be interesting to see how the running game goes.

As for the passing game, I think we will see a similar game plan as last week. They are going to want Marcus Mariota to throws easy passes that have a high completion rate. I do not expect them to do anything too crazy. At times Mariota has appeared shell-shocked, especially after the Steelers game. Thus, I think they are going to want to get his confidence up and limit his difficult throws. Additionally, it may be foolish to throw the ball 40 times when the Cardinals have Tyrann Mathieu and Patrick Peterson in the secondary.

Therefore, expect the boring. Lots of runs, two wide receiver routes, throws to the tight end, and a few 3rd and Mularkeys (3rd and long after running up the middle for no gain on 1st and 2nd down).


Defensively, I think the Titans have a chance to have a good game. Blaine Gabbert has been playing well, but he’s not Aaron Rodgers. Plus, Adrian Peterson has been ruled out; therefore, Larry Fitzgerald is really all that they have.

I think the Titans run defense should fair well with Peterson out. Additionally, the Titans have played really well against the run this year. Not having DaQuan Jones will hurt. But I think Austin Johnson can step up. He’s played decent at times this year.

The Titans will look to pressure Gabbert and hope to cause some mistakes. I am thinking the defensive game plan will be nearly a carbon copy of last week. However, I am praying that they do not let Gabbert throw all over them like they did with Tom Savage.

I think they should double Larry Fitzgerald, but typically they do not double anyone, so I am assuming that Logan Ryan, if he can play, will be on him, and if not they may Put LeShaun Sims on him. Similar to DeAndre Hopkins, if the Titans can just contain Fitzgerald, then they should have a solid chance at shutting the Cardinal’s offense down.

Final Thoughts

This is a strange game, I guess because the Titans rarely play the Cardinals, in fact last time they did, Vince Young was on the team, thus it is hard to predict what could happen. On paper this seems like it should be a win for the Titans, but nothing has been a given this year.

I am optimistic, but also a little worried. Arizona is not terrible, and Bruce Arians is a great coach. I expect a slow game, with maybe a few turnovers. I hope the Titans can pull it off. It would be huge if they can get a victory here.

Midweek Report

Coming from somewhere deep below the earth, it’s the midweek report. Sponsored by Ralph’s Fried Chicken. Come down to their location attached to the Sinclair gas station off of Rural Route 40. It’s powerful good!

It is Wednesday and there is some Titans news. DaQuan Jones’ roster spot has been given to tight end Luke Stocker. The team hopes that Stocker can become Anthony Faso’s replacement. Additonally, Rishard Matthews and Logan Ryan are still questionable for Sunday.

In other news the national media has been hammering the Titans, calling them a bad team, and the worst 8-4 team in the league. Honestly, they are probably right. Besides from few areas, such as punting and run defense, this team is pretty mediocre. However, going back to the glory days with McNair and George I always loved it with the media hates on the Titans. Part of it is because they always seem to play better with they are either being ignored or trashed by the national media. For instance, in 2002 after the bad start, they were totally ignored. In fact, they had zero players in the pro bowl. That team finished 11-5 and went to the AFC championship. Again in 2008 the national media said that their record was a mirage and that they would collapse by mid season. However, they finished 13-3. Furthermore, last year the team was ignored and ridiculed by the national media after the slow start. They went on a mid season tear. When they gained hype, things fell apart. Thus, I think it is good that the team is being called out. They have not earned anything. Maybe this can light a fire under their ass.

Anyway, here are 10 things that I think could be true about the NFL and the world around us.

  1. I think Stocker will actually help the offense a lot. They desperately need a quality blocking tight end that is a threat to catch the ball. He’s not the missing link by any means, but he will help.
  2. I think this offense will not figure it out this year. At this point, this is who they are, pedestrian.
  3. I think Terry Robiskie gets fired this offseason. I know that him and Mularkey are buddies, but I have a feeling that Mularkey is going to have to let his friend go after the franchise jewel (Marcus) finishes with the worst numbers of his career.
  4. I think Mariota has definitely regressed at this point. It is a combination of a lot of issues, and hopefully they can solve most of them this off-season.
  5. I think Corey Davis will finish the season strong. I have zero reason to think this, other than blind fan optimism.
  6. I think the Saints are the best team in the league. Their offense is a lot of fun to watch.
  7. I think Jon Gruden would be a terrible college coach. His offense was too complicated for veteran NFL qbs! I don’t get it.
  8. I think that I hate fantasy football and will never play again.
  9. I think the NFL has by far the worst officiating in pro sports and desperately needs to fix it.
  10. I think The Last Jedi will be pretty great, and I am super exited to see it.

Texans v. Titans Recap     

Coming from parts unknown, it is the Texans v. Titans recap. Proudly presented by Burnside’s Razors. They invented sideburns, and now they want to give you a razor to make them.

Well Titans fans this was another weird one. Watching these games is starting to feel like groundhogs day. The Titans get down, offense is stagnate sans one or two really good drives, the defense carries the team, and then the offense pulls it out in the 4th quarter. It’s strange. I feel like I should be thrilled. The team has a winning record and actually has a chance at the playoffs. However, I feel bad about this team. The offense is just not good, while the defense has been good, but they still just gave up over 350 passing yards to Tom Savage. So I don’t know what to think.

Also the officiating in this game was complete trash.


The offense was not a disaster this week, but it was not great. I thought that the running game was good though. Demarco Murray appeared significantly better than he did during the last few games, and the offense line was able to generate a decent push. Of course, Derrick Henry looked great. I have noticed that he does a lot better when he gets on the edge. Perhaps they should use Murray between the tackles and have Henry work on the edge. Additionally, seeing Henry’s speed made me wish that they would use him more in the passing or screen game. Not much else to say here. I thought the line and both rbs had a good game.

The passing game once again had some issues. It appears that they really wanted to go super conservative in order to limit mistakes. I also think not having Rishard Matthews really hurt their ability to do a lot. Still I was hoping to see Taywan Taylor and Corey Davis more involved. I am a little surprised that they did not attempt more deep passes to them. I am not really sure what the deal is with Davis. I understand that my expectations are a little wacky, but he’s been basically nonexistent since he has been back. I expect a little more from the 5th overall pick.

Furthermore, I thought that Eric Decker had a decent game, and Delanie Walker was amazing. Still, the passing game was so inept at times. For whatever reason they just cannot get into any sort of consistent rhythm. It’s frustrating, but at this point, expected.

I thought that the play calling was better this week, with the exception of the bizarre screen pass in which there were only three players on the offensive line and also that god awful jet sweep the Taylor. That was garbage.

Overall the offense was pretty much the same as usual, with the exception of a slightly better run game.


I thought that the defense played well. Perhaps not as good as last week, however, the Texans are a better offensive team than the Colts.

I thought the Titans were great at stopping the run. In fact, Lamar Miller was nearly ghosted. I was however a little surprised at the lack of pressure during the majority of the game. I thought that the Titans d-line would dominate against the makeshift Texans line. Additionally, it really is disappointing the see DaQuan Jones get put on injured reserve. I thought he had really been playing well these last few weeks.

As for the secondary, I thought that they were decent. I was surprised that they did not double DeAndre Hopkins, however, he did not blow up, so I guess they contained him for the most part. It is also disappointing to see Logan Ryan go down. I thought he had a good game.

Overall the defense was ok. They seemed to have been playing bend don’t break, which is what they have been doing all season. Although giving up 365 passing yards to Tom Savage is quite concerning.

Final Thoughts

Well a win is a win, I suppose. I would rather the Titans win and look like shit than lose and look good. So I might as well enjoy it while it last. Furthermore, It is great to finally have a wining record in the division. I love that. Next week will be a lot harder though; I hope the Titans are watching plenty of film!

Texans v. Titans Preview

Coming from somewhere underground, it’s the Texans v. Titans preview. Proudly presented by Johnny Feinstein’s Medical Supplies Plus. If in need of respiratory equipment, prescription drugs, or tubes, give Johnny a call. He’ll fix you up.

Well Titans fans, here we are, another game in which the Titans should win easily, but probably won’t. I would love for this to be the week that everything on offense finally comes together and the Titans get some payback against the Texans. But I am not holding out much hope. This will most likely be a close game with the victor getting the win during waning part of the 4th quarter. Hopefully it is the Titans.


            Everyone has said it every week, but this should be the week the offense does something special. The Texans defense is pretty beat up. Yes, they have Jadeveon Clowney, but that is about it. Their secondary has been struggling all season and injuries have devastated them everywhere else.

I think the Titans should come out guns blazing and work to establish a quick lead and then pound Derrick Henry. However, I am not the coach and I know that the reality will be that they will come out running DeMarco Murray up the middle for no gain, and then put Marcus Mariota in impossible positions on third down. So I am thinking the same offense we have seen for the majority of the season.

If I were to guess the gameplan, I would think that Mularkey wants to be conservative here because he is probably thinking that the Texans are so riddled with injuries and have some many issues, including a hurt QB, that the Titans can just grind out a win with a plethora of field goals and relying on Tom Savage to make mistakes. It’s not flashy, but it is pretty Mularkey.

Thus, I hate to be a Grinch, but I do not think Titans fans will get any of their wishes this week. Henry and Murray will still split carries again, there will be plenty of bizarre playcalls (See Eric Decker screenpass and Harry Douglas playing left tackle) and the offense will struggle. Basically the Titans will play not to lose. Until this offense changes, I am just going to expect more of the same.


I think the defense will have a similar performance as last week. The Texans offensive line is quite beat up, so I think the Titans should have a strong pass rush. Furthermore, I believe they will have success at stopping the Texans running game. Lamar Miller has really struggled this year, and the Titans are actually solid at stopping the run.

The main focus on the defense should be stopping Titans killer Deandre Hopkins. He absolutely murdered the Titans earlier in the season. Part of that was due to Deshaun Watson being so good, but Hopkins always kills the Titans, even when he has trash QBs throwing to him. He’s simply one of the best receivers in the league. The Titans need to put two or three guys on him, especially now that Will Fuller is out. They cannot put Brice McCain on him, no matter how bad Lebeau wants to do that. I expect Hopkins to make some plays, but if the Titans can just contain him, then they have a good shot at stopping the Texans offense.

I think the defense should play well. Tom Savage is not a great QB and he does not have a lot of talent around him. It really is just Hopkins. Thus, I would be surprised if the defense significantly struggles in this game.

Final Thoughts

The Titans have to win this game; if they lose to this Texans team then they will have blown a great opportunity. However, with the way that the Titans have been playing recently I would not be shocked if they lost. I am not trying to be negative; this is just what the Titans are right now. They play sloppy and keep games close. I am hoping they prove me wrong, and beat the Texans handily. However, I am not counting on it. But I will be happy with any sort of win, whether it is by one point or thirty. I just want to see the corporate entry that I cheer for win. So let’s get some vengeance on the cows. Go Titans!

Midweek Report

Coming from somewhere deep below the earth, it’s the midweek report. Proudly sponsored by, no one.

It is Wednesday and there is not too much Titans news. Rishard Matthews is still questionable for Sunday. Marcus Mariota has stated that mechanic issues are a reason for his interceptions, and the Titans are staying out west after the Arizona game. Other than that, not much else.

As for the NFL, the Giants have benched franchise legend, Eli Manning for franchise clown, Geno Smith, Darren McFadden has retired, and Tre McBride was cut from the Bears.

Here are five things I BUY and five that I SELL


  1. I buy a bounce back game for the Titans’ offense. It has to happen this week against the dreaded Texans, right?
  2. I buy the Chargers as a playoff team. I think they make it in and cause trouble for someone in the first round.
  3. I buy Alvin Kamara for offensive rookie of the year. How did this guy last until the third round?
  4. I buy Jared Goff this year. He could have actually been worth the first overall pick (even if he does not know where the sun rises and sets).
  5. I buy the Raiders as a team that will get back on track and make the playoffs.


  1. I Sell Terry Robiskie and the exotic smash mouth!
  2. I sell the Ravens as a true playoff team. The offense has nearly zero talent and Joe Flacco is awful.
  3. I sell the Giants as an organization. What an embarrassing dumpster fire.
  4. I sell Alex Smith. He has always been an average qb who is incapable of carrying a team.
  5. I sell all of the Broncos’ qbs. They have to draft someone next year. What a disaster.

Titans v. Colts Recap

Coming from places unknown, it’s the Titans v. Colts recap. Sponsored by Juan Miguel’s bird and ferret law office. If you are having a problem with an animal, call Juan! (Unless it is bigger than a horse)

Honestly I do not even know what to say about this game. I am thrilled that the Titans won, however, the same issues that the offense has had all season showed up again. This team is so weird. They win, but I sometimes feel awful about it. I guess I should stop complaining and enjoy it, but I won’t.

I’ll try to offer my Monday morning qb opinions on this shit show.


The team has officially run out of excuses, the offense is bad this year. I was holding out hope that they would finally start clicking, but with only a few games left, I have given up. If they could not look good against a terrible Colts team, then they are not going to look good against anyone.

The interior offensive line once again had issues during this game. I wonder if Quinton Spain is still hurt, because he has been struggling since he has been back. I also thought that Taylor Lewan had some issues this week, which is rare. However, for the most part the pass blocking was decent, and while the run blocking struggled at times, they were not a major issue for the offense.

DeMarco Murray is done. I cannot at all understand why they keep giving him the ball 10 plus times a game. He cannot hit the hole and is holding the offense back immensely. The Colts defense is not good, and the line was able to open some space, but Murray could not do anything. I really think this game should be the last that they have him and Derrick Henry split carries.

As for Henry, I know he looked bad in the first half, but he is the type of runner that has to warm up. In college he was the same way. If you keep feeding him, he will heat up and start ripping off 10-yard runs. I really think they have to consider giving him 15 plus carries a game and getting him into a rhythm. Once he gets heated up, he can dominate a game. He showed it at the end of the Colts game. I think the Titans could possibly ride him to a wildcard spot.

While the running game has its issues, the big one of course is the passing game. It appears that Marcus Mariota has regressed. The is no simple reason for it, I am sure that there are issues that us simple minded fans have know way of grasping. However, it does appear to be a mixture of shot confidence, bad receiving play, and poor play calling.

Mariota does not seem to trust himself, however the bad receiving play might be a factor. Delanie Walker was the only reliable guy Mariota had on Sunday with Rishard Matthews out. Eric Decker was mediocre and Corey Davis has been incredibly inconsistent. Still Mariota has been making at least one boneheaded pass a week. It is really out of character. I hope they can calm him down, but I also think that the play calling has put him in countless bad situations.

At times the play calling is predicable. They were doing a classic run, run, pass last week. It constantly puts Mariota in third and longs. They were also doing weird things like the screen pass to Decker. Decker is old and slow, why not throw that screen pass to the physical freak that you just spent the 5th overall pick on?

I just do not really get this offense. It seems that Mariota has to repetitively throw contested passes. They never run any crossing routes or quick passes. They never run hurry up. It does not make a lot of sense to me. Why not just come out throwing against a terrible Colts secondary and then run Henry once a lead is established? Plus, I think it may be too late the implement now, but one would think that pistol formations would be perfect with Mariota. I think this offense has to be overhauled in the offseason.

Well I guess I should give the offense some credit though. The team did win. I thought Walker and Henry played great.


The defense was great again. They were put in some bad situations by the offense, but they were resilient. They set a record for most sacks in a game and were fun to watch.

When the pass rush gets going it is electric. The Colts offensive line is one of the worst in the league and they found a way to take advantage of that. Anytime DaQuan Jones gets 2 sacks it’s a good day.

I thought the linebackers also played well. Jayon Brown had a great game. There were a few plays in which Jack Doyle was basically uncovered, but still they did not let him kill them too much. They just should not ever put Avery Williamson on a tight end.

The secondary was phenomenal. I cannot get over how much they have improved since last year. They again shut down known Titans killer, TY Hilton. Adoree’ Jackson and Logan Ryan have played well beyond expectations.

Overall I was very pleased by the defense. I think they have been great this year.

            Final Thoughts

I am beyond exited to see the Titans sweep the Colts for the first time since 2002. Additionally, I love where the team is at right now. I just really hope they can get the offense figured out, because I think they have massive potential and could really be a force in the AFC if/when things get clicking.

Nevertheless any victory against the Colts is great. Fuck them and now it’s Houston week.

Titans v. Colts Preview

Coming from somewhere deep below the earth, it’s the Titans v. Colts preview, sponsored by Diet Dr. Rupert. It’s drinkable!

This is it Titans fans, the real season, when the contenders are separated from the pretenders. This is when we will know what this team is.

The Titans are not without injuries this week. It appears that Rishard Matthews could miss this game, as he is a game time decision, which could be a huge lose. The team did activate Harry Douglas, however, I cannot imagine that he has too much effect on this game, or even the season.


For the offense this week I expect the Titans to play fairly conservative. I do not think that they want Marcus Mariota throwing forty times. The Colts defense is pretty banged up, so perhaps Mularkey thinks he can get the running game going, although I am not too optimistic.

I am of the opinion that DeMarco Murray is done. I hate it for him, but he’s been so bad during the last few weeks, that I have lost all faith. I would love it if Derrick Henry could take over, but he’s also been bad at times. Honestly, I think the best bet would be to just run Henry a lot and hope he gets into a rhythm. I remember at Alabama he would have pedestrian first halves, and then explode in the second half once he started to feel the flow.

However, the interior offensive line will have to play substantially better if they want to get anything going. Quinton Spain played like garbage last week, so obviously he will have to improve. The Colts defensive line is not anywhere near the level of the Steelers, so they should be able to do something. I expect there to be some open running lanes, and for the pass protection to be good.

As for the passing offense, I think they will try to run some high completion percentage passes, and maybe try to get the screen game going. I can see them wanting to get Mariota’s confidence up. The Colts secondary has not been great this year, and they are missing their first round pick, Malik Hooker, so there should be some opportunities. However Corey Davis really has to show up, especially if Mathews is out. I think the passing game could start to click this week if Mathews is able to play. However, if not, I can see them struggling.

Overall I think the offense will be fairly conservative and play not to lose. The Colts have some issues on defense so maybe the Titans can get going. But who knows with this team.


The Titans defense has actually played well for the bulk of the season, and I expect them to have a decent game here.

The Colts have an average running game lead by veteran Frank Gore. He can get yards and be effective, but at this point in his career, Gore will not win any games by himself. Marlon Mack can also be effective, and he might be a great back in the future, but right now he is a little too inconsistent. I expect the Colts runners to have some moments, but overall be kept in check.

As for the Colts passing game, I think it is all about containing TY Hilton. I think the Titans did a great job of this last game. If I remember correctly, it was Adoree’ Jackson and Logan Ryan who spent the majority of the game on Hilton. If the Titans can do what they did last time (one reception for 19 yards) then they should not have too many issues with this Colts passing game.

I expect Jayon Brown to cover Jack Doyle, and I thought he did a good job last time. Furthermore, Donte Moncrief could be a concern, but he is also somewhat inconsistent.

Finally, I am slightly concerned over Jacoby Brissett. He actually did have a decent game against the team a few weeks ago, and has played well during the season. But I think if the Titans can apply consistent pressure on him, then they should be fine. They really need to get Brian Orakpo, Derrick Morgan, and Jurrell Casey going. If they can get the pass rush going and lock down Hilton, then the Titans defense should not have too many problems.

            Final Thoughts

The Titans have not beaten the Colts in Indianapolis in what must be a lifetime. But this is not a good Colts team. In fact, they may have gotten worse since the first meeting between the two teams. The Titans have to win this game if they want to make the playoffs. Thus, there is no denying that this is a must win. If they lose here, it’s over.

Division games can be weird, and you never know what will happen, but I do know that I still hate the fucking Colts and I want the Titans to humiliate them. Fuck the Colts!

Midweek Report

Coming from a place unknown, it’s the midweek report. Presented by Billy’s Genuine Leather Boots. Real leather for real men.

Well Titans fans and people lost on the Internet, there really is not too much to talk about. Injury wise the Titans are looking good, however morale is a little shaky. Both Delanie Walker and Rishard Matthews have complained about the underperforming offense. They are unsatisfied, as are much of the fans.

As for the NFL, it looks like Roger Goodell is here to stay. Like most fans, I absolutely despise him, and think he is destroying the game, but who cares what the fans think.

Anyway, here are 10 things about the NFL and the world around us that I think could maybe be true

  1. I really think the Titans miss Tajae Sharpe.
  2. I think that the Titans need to sign or draft a new running back in the offseason.
  3. I think the Titans also need to get a better blocking tight end in the offseason.
  4. I think the Colts will play much better this week. They are a threat to beat the Titans.
  5. I think I hate the Colts, and yes they deserve to lose, and I hope they burn in Hell.
  6. I think a monkey with a dented brain can do a better job than Roger Goodell.
  7. I think Dak Prescott is overrated. Hot takes!
  8. I think this is the weirdest NFL season ever.
  9. I think the Disaster Artist will be a really good movie.
  10. I think the Yeti and its North American cousin, the Sasquatch are real animals living amongst us.

Titans v. Steelers Recap

Coming from a dark secluded corner, it’s the game recap, presented by Robert’s hand crafted soap sculptures. Bathe with art!

Well Titans fans, our worst fears were realized Thursday night. Nearly everything that could go wrong did.

This game was certainly a difficulty challenge and a lose should not completely derail the season. However, this turns the next few games into must wins. From here on out the playoff push begins and one misfire could send the season careening towards mediocrity.


            There were some aspects for the offense this week that were ok, and if Delanie Walker does not drop a touchdown pass it could have been better, but overall they were pretty underwhelming.

The offensive line was an absolute train wreck. I thought having Quinton Spain back would be beneficial, however, he may still be hurt, because he was awful. Additionally, it appeared that Marcus Mariota had zero time to throw. I understand that the Steelers have a good d-line, but that was ridiculous. The pass blocking and the run blocking were also abysmal.

As bad as the blocking was, neither running back played halfway decent. It is time to admit that DeMarco Murray is done. He was great last year, and I will always appreciate him, but it is time to move on. He hampers the offense with his lackluster running. Furthermore, in this game his pass blocking and receiving play was equally bad. I would say that it is time to move on to Derrick Henry, but he has also been bad the last few weeks. Henry is puzzling, at times he looks like a great running back, and other times he is awful. Perhaps he just needs more carries, but I don’t know. I am not convinced the answer at running back is anywhere near this roster.

As for the passing game, it sucked. Mariota had arguably his worst night as a pro. Four interceptions is humiliating. A few of those were garbage throws, while some appeared to be one the receiver. I still think Mariota can be ok, but he needs work. I think the receivers this year have been bad. Corey Davis has been a tremendous disappointment since he has been back. Nothing really seems to be clicking with him. We have seen more mistakes than flashes. I think we might have to wait until next year for him.

So the offense really sucked, the coaching sucked, and the players sucked. They were the suckest bunch of sucks that I have seen suck in a while. Hopefully they can figure this out.


            The defense played decent throughout most of the game. They were able to hold the Steelers high-powered offense for a little while, and even generate a pass rush. The d-line played a good game. I was really impressed by Karl Klug, he looked like his former self.

However, with all of the offensive turnovers and the immense talent of the Steeler the defense just broke in the 4th quarter. It is hard to put too much of the loss on them. I think they are still a very average defense talent wise, and having them play arguably the most talented offense in the league is tough.

They had zero answer for Antonio Brown, but what defense does? Furthermore, Le’veon Bell played well at the end. Again not many defenses can stop him for an entire game. One can speculate that the defense could have played better if not for the offense being so bad, but it is what is it is. They played well in spurts, but they were on the field entirely too much and got gassed. They were not great, but I think this one is nearly entirely on the offense.

            Final Thoughts

            This was quite the forgettable game. It was not Houston bad, but it was definitely the second worst performance of the season. Playing in Pittsburgh on a short week is exceedingly difficult, and a lose by a few points would be forgivable and even revered by some. However, a blow out with four interceptions is inexcusable.

I am hoping that the team learns from this loss and grows due to it. If not we could be looking at an epic collapse on the level of a Mike Mularkey coached Bills team.

Midweek Report/Titans v. Steelers Preview!

Coming from somewhere deep below the earth, it’s the midweek report/Titans v. Steelers preview presented by RJ Wentworth’s Bed Springs Plus. If you need a replacement spring, then slink on down to RJ Wentworth’s off of Highway 96, they’ll put the spring back into your life.

Here we are, Steelers week, a true test, and a season defining game. This will be the week when we see the Titans either take command and control their destiny, or fail and prove to be a paper tiger. As a fan, I am both hopeful and terrified of this game. Sometimes the Titans play up to their competition and surprise us, other times they get blown off the filed.


            It appears that the team is fairly healthy this week. It has been noted that Marcus Mariota had a few things checked out, but he is good to go. Additionally, it has been reported that Quinton Spain will be back and Delanie Walker should be good to go. As for the Steelers, they are a little banged up. Joe Haden will be out for a while, and they have a few other injuries.

The Steelers have decent defensive. TJ Watt has been great and they have some solid playmakers. However, with that being said, the Titans should be able to throw the ball on them. The Steelers have been somewhat susceptible against the deep ball. The Colts had a few big plays against them, as have other teams. I would like to see the Titans do what they did last week against the Bengals. I thought that the first drive the Titans had was nearly perfect. I think if they can continue to have Mariota throw short to intermediate passes while occasionally using creative running plays with Addoree’ Jackson, then they can catch the Steelers off guard and score some points. The key really is execution and play calling. I think the Titans have the talent, they just have to put it all together.

Furthermore, I am interested to see how the offensive line does with Spain back. I think he is a great run blocker and an underrated player on this team. His addition may open up the power run game. At times without him the line was as effective as the Maginot Line.  Thus, his return could be a major factor.

I am also interested to see how Corey Davis bounces back. So far his rookie year has been quite forgettable. Since he has been back from injury, everyone has been waiting for him to breakout, I am not sure it will happen here, but I do think they will try to use him a lot and go deep a few times. Hopefully it works.

Overall the offense has a big challenge this week. They are up against a good defense, but they are also facing a team that could offensively explode at any moment. Therefore, they are going to have to score a lot of points and cannot afford a 3rd quarter loll. I think they have to score at least 30 plus points to win this game, and honestly I am not confident they can do that.


For the past few weeks the defense has been playing over its head, and this week they will face their biggest challenge yet. Yes, I realize that the Steelers have not scored more than 30 points all year, however they have the potential to be one of, if not the best offenses in the league. I feel like they are in a similar situation as the Titans, in that they are waiting every week for the offense to finally put it together. My concern is that this could be the week that they put it all together because historically Titans are slump busters.

The Titans’ defensive line and the linebackers will have to be dominate in this game in order to stop Le’veon Bell. He is potentially the best runningback in the NFL. The defensive line lead by Jurrell Casey will have to control the line of scrimmage, while Avery Williamson and Wesley Woodyard will have to be electric if they want to contain Bell.

The secondary also has to be lights out. The Steelers have a plethora of offensive firepower, with talent such as: Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, Martavis Bryant, and rookie Juju Smith-Schuster. One would have to imagine that they will break a few big plays. I expect Logan Ryan to shadow Brown, and Jackson to cover Bryant or his old USC teammate Smith-Shuster. If the Titans can limit big plays then they will have a decent shot at containing the Steelers. If not, it could be the Houston game all over again.

            Final Thoughts

This is a massive game. It is the biggest game of the season so far. I think it will be a measuring stick to see how good the Titans are. The Steelers have had some problems, but they are still one of the best teams in the AFC, and if the Titans go out and have a wet fart against them, then it may prove that the Titans are just an average AFC team that is not going anywhere this year.

I am hopeful that the Titans play up the way that they did against Seattle. If the offense can finally put it all together, then I think they have a decent shot, but if they are inconsistent, then I see no way they win.

However, a loss here is not the end of the world. After a short week going to Pittsburgh is a lot to ask a team, but if they get blown away, then it will be pretty demoralizing. I am hopeful, but honestly, I am expecting a loss here. I think the short week, and going to Pittsburgh may be too much for the young team. However, in the past the Titans have surprised me, and as they say, “Anything can happen on a Thursday night.” Therefore maybe I am cautiously optimistic.