Titans v. Dolphins Preview

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Well Titans fan we are finally here! It’s been an eternity, but the 2018 season has finally arrived. Our beloved Titans start the season against the lowly Dolphins. I could not be more exited. But before discussing the game, I will talk a little about the final 53 man roster. I did not see too many huge surprises. The wide receiver depth is questionable, and I was slightly sad to see Josh Carraway go. He seemed like a nice kid. Additionally, I was some what taken back at David King getting released. Defensive line depth appears thin now. Akrum Wadly is another that I thought would stick around the practice squad, however it was not meant to be. But I am glad that they were able to keep Sharif Finch. He could develop into a nice pass rusher.

Of course the most perplexing move during roster cuts was the Luke Falk debacle. Being brutally honest I thought that Falk was a trainwreck during the preseason. I figured that there was no way he would make the team, however I fully expected him on the practice squad. Thus, I was taken off guard when the Dolphins claimed him and put him on their 53 man roster. I definitely think it was a move for intel. Realistically I doubt Falk will help in any significant way. However, I am happy for him. He seems like a good worker. I hope he takes full advantage of the opportunity; he might not be on the roster too long.

Now on to the game, titled “the Luke Falk Revenge Game”. The Titans have shown so little in the preseason that it is hard to gage much about them. Really what should Titans fans expect? Will the offense be sloppy or will it come out like a Whisenhunt team on opening day and obliterate the opponent. However, if the Titans botch this, then they could be in some trouble considering their early schedule. This is by far the easiest game they have during the first month. Realistically too the Dolphins are mediocre. The Titans should drop the Tsar Bomba on those fools. They have very little talent, and judging the two rosters, the Titans appear to have the superior team. However, it is opening day so anything can happen.

I think the Titans will try to run a lot in this game. The Dolphin’s have a second-rate run defense and the Titans should be able to fully exploit that. Derrick Henry should get tons of carries. If he gets going then the Dolphins defense will struggle mightily. However, Miami does have a decent pass rush and without Conklin the Titans could have a lot of problems. If they are forced to pass a lot, then I am not sure if I see a clear way to victory. Thus, the easiest way for the offense to avoid a catastrophe is to hand the ball to Henry and throw quick passes to Lewis. We’ll see what they do, but I do not expect Mariota to sling the ball all over the field. They should be fairly conservative.

As for the Titans defense, I think the Titans should hold up well against the Dolphins. Tannehill is back and could give them some trouble, however his weapons are limited. Kenny Stills and Danny Amandola are his two best receivers. I do not see either of them as more than average. They can certainly make plays and move the chains but are not capable of taking over a game or giving defenses huge fits. Furthermore, I think the Titans should be able to contain Kenyan Drake. Their run defense has been really good the last few seasons. I am however concerned about the Titans pass rush. They have a lot of injuries to their rushers and the Dolphins like the move the ball quick. If they cannot consistently sustain pressure to Tannehill then I can see the defense struggling.

I have no idea what expect. At this point I am beyond curious to see what the new Titans look like. I think it will be a messy game, but I am hopeful that the Titans can win in the end. Go Titans, and until next time, keep those thumbtacks flaming!